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Few questions from me!

Im on green and know that I can have 2 of each healthy extra. No I always manage my 2 dairy ones. The HEB i use for weetabix and some days I dont have the other HEB. Am I right in thinking that 2hea and 1heb is ok? Or should I be incorporating the HEB into my day?

Also, do you have to syn frylite?

Last two days, cos of sinutsitis I have been kind of off my food, when i typed my details into my diary I have only been having about 1200 cals a day. I feel better today but hope that I havent messed up my week by too few cals, IYKWIM! One good thing though is that I have been drinking about 3litres of water as my antihistamine makes me soooo thirsty!!
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I would probably try and have the other HexB - you can have extra virgin olive oil, dried fruit (I think), nuts (I think), extra light philly. Have a look at the list.

You don't have to syn frylight.

Well done on the water - that will help :)

Gail x


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Yes - you should have it really.
What about the sweet ryvita. You can have 2 of those currant crunch ones, and they're lovely with a cup of tea. You don't need anything on them.
Thanks for replying. I think I will try to have the extra one, even if its some dried fruits :)


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If you go to class treat yourself to some hifi bars - theyre a heb and help with chocolate cravings without using syns!!

As said above there is lots of choice of hebs on green including a lot of cheeses so if you love your dairy you could have an extra portion as a heb. Just check which ones count as a heb!


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I always do green days and if this happens to me i just move the extra HEA (babybels etc) to a HEB and only class it as one HEA for the day rather than one HEB. I hope that makes sense?? For example yesterday i had eaten x3 babybel and milk as my HEA's but before bed i hadnt used my last HEB so it changed to x1 HEA=Milk and x2 HEB's. Just make sure you double check that it can be classed as a HEB first :)

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