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    Hi guys, been trying to lose weight for ages managed to get down from around 200lbs to 144lbs but after a short holiday and quitting smoking (only been two days but hey its a start) weight has bounced back up to around 150lbs, I've been doing keto for a while but have had some serious stalls so decided to switch it up with Dukan. My questions are:1. Dairy, I have been avoiding yoghurt etc because of carbs, does everyone feel it's been ok in terms of weight loss?2. spices condiments etc, how much? So garlic for example, how much a day would be ok on attack? Tobasco, soy sauce, how many teaspoons would be reasonable? I read the book but didn't see specifics on this.3. on Cruise does anyone actually limit their veg on PV days?Thanks in advance!
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    Hello there,

    I'll respond to the best of my knowledge, both officially, then in brackets what we've found.

    Yoghurts - in attack, some say best stick to Total 0% and flavour yourself. (But he does allow Muller Lite vanilla or toffee one per day so if you lose having it, why not - it's more the sugars that are the issue here.)
    Spices/Garlic etc - fine in attack but use as a condiment not an ingredient... (Some say in attack to cook with onion, say, for the flavour but not eat it...).
    I'd avoid sauces on attack.
    Thereafter, use minimally because of the sugar and salt content. Soy I'd not use more than a teaspoon.

    I always limited my veg yes. I followed the 2/3 protein to 1/3 veg limit I was told at the outset (in France on French forums). Nowadays, rules have relaxed somewhat but I still remind myself that this is a protein diet and so while alternating in PV, yes I limit the veg and try to stick to green and leafy...

    You don't have that much to lose so I'm sure some of these stricter rules won't apply to you.

    Good on you for quitting the old smokes. Someone here has lost loads having also quit at the start of her diet... come over to the diary section perhaps, open your own, and tell us more
  4. Du-can

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    thanks Joanna! I'm using plain yoghurt and just one pot a day as my other low carb days have left their mark!! I'm going to enjoy eating that!! Hmm in that case might just put stuff on roast chicken after I've cooked it. I actually have a portion plate, it obviously did not work but I might pull it out LOL ok thanks for that because again the book says unlimited veg but words like that probably aren't a good idea for me 1/3 it is!

    LOL it's so weird to hear someone say I don't have a lot to lose, its taken me two years to get here just from 13.5 st with lots of bouncing around so thank you, you have no idea how nice that is to hear! I see you dealt with the quitting smoking thing too, pain in neck isn't it? I spent the last two days eating, like everything, I ate a tub of ice cream yesterday then thought I better have a sandwich, this was AFTER my dinner LOL

    On your stats :worthy: that is frankly brilliant well done, fantastic achievement!
  5. scooter

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    I personally never limited my dairy or my veg on cruise - or my eggs - but you have to do what works for you - if you start to stall then you should think about limiting them xx I have always had a rule in dukan that if I am hungry then I will eat no matter when it is - I have been known before to have a tin of tuna at midnight!!! You should never be hungry on dukan - that's the wonder of this diet!! :)
  6. Bonkers

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    I second Scooter!

    Did not limit dairy at all till the last month on Cruise when I stalled for two weeks. Cut dairy out completely and my weight shifted.

  7. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Ok thanks for the responses guys, I'll bear that all in mind, I think I'm coming in under 1kg for dairy a day anyhoo however I drink a lot of tea and use unsweetened almond milk.

    I have used it while low carbing for the last few months and it has been fine, I can't drink too much milk, I don't think I'm intolerant as such but maybe have a mild problem with lactose. It's about (per 240ml) 1g carb and 2g fat and 5g protein and 40 calories, that should be ok right?

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