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Fiddlechick's Diary - Fiddling Away the Flab!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by fiddlechick, 5 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Here goes. Signed up to Slimming World online. Don't know how I am going to get on with it but I have to do this!

    Fed up of performing at gigs and concerts and feeling self conscious about how I look. Playing in Germany in September and I WILL be at goal weight for it!

    Like the look of SW. I cannot stick to a restrictive diet or one where whole food groups are almost cut out. I want to be allowed to eat what I want, but in moderation. And I need to cut down on wine!!!

    Need to to go shopping and stock up on staples. Quite excited to get going!
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  3. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Good luck! You'll find loads of help and advice on here in the main groups, and also make lots of friends if you subscribe to some diaries.

    The great thing about SW is you can make it fit in with you and your life, not the other way around.

    Enjoy your journey :)
  4. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Thanks so much for the welcome! Looking forward to having a good mooch around the boards. I will probably be looking for lots of answers while I get my head around the plan.
  5. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    Good luck with SlimmingWorld. This site is great for motivation x
  6. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    It is a lot to get your head around but it's great when you do :)
  7. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    Just started SW from home so also do a lot of looking around for answers. This is a great site though.

    Ooh are you a in a band? cool :cool: (edited because I just noticed your username and can probably work it our for myself :eek:)

    Good luck on your Journey x x
  8. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Thanks everyone - what a lovely site!

    biker chick - yes I play in several ceilidh bands. Great fun! And thanks : ).

    Starving as dh is still at the office and was meant to be bringing dinner home but isn't going to be back until 8ish. So is taking me out for a meal instead. First challenge - eating out and staying on plan! Wasn't expecting to face this on my first day.
  9. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Good luck on you journey and with the meal out tonight :)

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  10. Biker Chick

    Biker Chick Full Member

    To be honest I would probably just enjoy tonight and jump right in tomorrow! I know how you feel though, my husband is supposed to be home by 7 tonight but he hasn't even phoned to say he is leaving yet and he works an hour away. With 3 young children, there is not much chance of an impromptu meal out :( I really feel like it to be honest and could just do a chiquitos followed by a movie at vue! both within walking distance and my parents live next door so baby sitters on tap, but he's back in tomorrow at 5 am so probs an early night!

    Enjoy your meal x x
  11. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Thanks tiger-Lilly :)

    what at a shame biker. Hope you manage to have something nice.

    Dh still not home aargh! Not likely to be home until half nine so going to be a very late meal... I will have gone off the idea soon! Think he is planning a few drinks too so I might have to do what you suggest and start in earnest tomorrow. Can do a big shop and be prepared.
  12. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    We finally sat down for a Chinese meal at 10pm!! Was lovely though. Decided to enjoy it, have a few wines start in earnest today.

    so here we go!

    off to look in the cupboard to see what I can have for breakfast. Will make a shopping list and stock up later today.
  13. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Feel like I have been eating all day... Can't see how I can have possibly lost anything! Still it has all been free and have only used 4 syncs on some Brie.

    Might go out for a short walk. Lovely evening.
  14. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Went for a 45 min walk with the girls through the wood and along the hill foots. Feel so much better for that bit of fresh air. Fiddle practice done. Music project end of year accounts almost finished. Turned out to be quite a productive day!

    now I just have to avoid the wine....
  15. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Monday morning and I feel great!! Slept like a log and didn't wake once. Haven't done that for honks. Feel so much better for it. Work today and plan to do a massive food shop too.

    Had oatsosimple for breakfast. Lovely but pretty heavy on sins because of the milk. Need to buy semi skimmed. Going to buy a microwave for the office so I can make baked pots etc instead of buying lunch and trying to count the syns.

    Bring it on!
  16. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Got to have a photo shoot for the website of a band I play with at some point this year. No way am I having my photo taken like this! Fortunately two of the other band members are dieting too so once we are all feeling better about ourselves will book it. Can't let them down so that is giving me an incentive to do as well as I can.

    The only thing is that I am the only woman in the band and men seem to lose weight more quickly than us. So they will probably be at their goal weights long before me. Not fair. Ah well, even more reason to do this to the best of my ability.
  17. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    I love this diet! I seem to be eating loads though... so yummy.

    So far so good. Getting on fine and am within my syns each day. Feeling great actually and pretty confident that I am doing it right. Logging everything I eat on SW which is keeping me on track.

    Out walking tonight I think. Seems to be about the only exercise I can do while my hip is playing up (bursitis). Annoying because it is a beautiful day to go for a run.

    Feeling so much better about everything. Have had a couple of really awful years and finally everything in my life seems to be on the up. I am finally happy, calm and in a good place, and in the right frame of mind to get my weight under control.

    This is MY year!
  18. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Another good day. Though my digestion seems to be struggling a bit with all the fruit and veg. Isnt used to it obviously but am sure it will calm down soon.

    Bought in reduced fat cheese products because I am really missing it. Cheese is my downfall.

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  19. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    You are doing fab. When is your first weigh in ?
  20. Tiger-lilly

    Tiger-lilly Silver Member

    Hang in there. You are doing really well :)

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  21. fiddlechick

    fiddlechick Member

    Thanks tiger-Lilly!

    sinead, weigh in is on Sunday. Don't feel like I have lost as I am still feeling a bit bloated. We will see though.

    Didnt get to the session last night as my stomach was so upset. Feeling better this morning though. Off to plan today's menu. Am at my sister's today so think I will take lunch with me to save any synful surprises.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

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