Fighting the "Phsycological Addiction" to food / HELP


Guess whos back...

So its still early days, i am on day 3 of my new LL diet, so far so good, i even managed to sit watching movies with my brother last night while he had usual bowls of movie munchies! (he did ask and i said i would be fine)

BUT, i am finding it harder and harder to resist not so much hunger pains, but more the brain saying "go grab some food". I went to shops last night to use cashpoint machine and grab some toiletries and i so so struggled to not grab a ginsters pie or a mars bar. :eek: (which i did every trip beforehand)

But even harder was driving past my old huants of chippy / kebab van and couldnt help thinking "just a little portion would be fine" or "just one last feed, and i will then get stuck into LL". Thankfully i did resist and drove home, but i am finding myself questioning the diet and why etc?

I even has thoughts this evening on a scary scale such as "why bother dieting, just eat as before and enjoy what i eat and that will be my life even if short lived and difficult" crazy and scary thoughts, and so far ignored.

How do you guys cope with the phscyological side of not eating, its hard right now, does it get easier.
I learnt that the voice in my head is the voice that has spent 30 years saying it was ok or generally not thinking about whether I should or shouldn't as it always said yes.

I therefore decided to not listen to that voice when on the diet and I found it kind of went away after a while.

Then when you finish the voice comes back but hopefully it has learnt a lesson or two and becomes an asset to you and not the nagging voice it used to be.
Hi Lee
when I started this 13 weeks ago, I decided NOT to follow my old habits eg - I changed shops so I wouldnt automatically know where my favourite foods where, I didnt watch cookery programes, I wouldnt buy goodies for the rest of the family etc etc. After a couple of weeks I was trong enough to be able to act more normally.

The first few days are the toughest and the roughest - get through this and it is sooooo worth it. I just took it one day at a time - didnt think about what I was missing and just accepted that for the time being I am HAVING to have these packs for the sake of my health.

13 weeks later Im 4 stone lighter, IBS is tons better, eczema has gone, no palpatations - look 10 years younger (or so my buddies tell me!!)

Stick to it, give yourself mini weight goals and the time will fly!!

Good luck
Psychological need to reach out for food does improve, it goes altogther but can return when off guard especially for me if I am physically tired or emotionally low. I try my best to pamper myself and take early nights I think of myself as extra special at the moment (I don't think I'll stop either when I reach my goal!)

Your doing so well keep it up.
Yeah the voices are horrendous in the beginning. But they will gradually disappear over time.... I used to text all my friends my food fantasies - they thought i was crazy! it was even stuff i didn't particularly eat before aswell.

I promise it gets better!!

However when you start to re-introduce food again, it comes back so you'll need to watch out for that!

Mind over matter - slim is a million times better than being fat - NO food is worth being or staying fat for!!!
Understand exactly what ur talking about Professor...

I am on day 15... and the chatterbox is screaming at me at times. I have had so many times where I have thought about coming off the diet... and using what I have discovered over the past weeks as a guide to how I could lose weight at a more gradual rate... but still eat! Or go onto one of the other stages of the Cambridge Diet (where I can add a meal).

I think quick results is what spurs you on... and as time goes on determination is compounded! You become stronger... but feel like ur head is going to burst.

Over the last week I have been reading about the Gi diet... for future reference.. watched tv programmes on food (as I am right at the minute).. and thought non stop about it!

I see these all as things that are testing me... and agree with Icemoose entirely that we are not... no matter how much we would like to think we are... capable of making decisions about food at present. We must overcome our addictions...

The time is now!!! Don't give in!

Right behind you all the way


MSN me if ur going mad... [email protected]

Sometimes it's good to have someone to just tell you NOOOOO!

Good luck! Well done so far

It will get easier and the chatterbox will get bored if you ignore it and do tell it to f**k off, even if you have to shout that out loud to send it on its way!!

this quite a normal thing to be experiencing and we have all been there, hang on in there, you will be taught the skills you need to tackle this and the other things which crop up!!
thats what your LLC sessions are for, use them and take all your fears and thoughts to group , that way way you will tackle what is important for you.

try to stay away from places and things you associate with " your drug" which is what food has been for you for so long, dont test yourself to much right now, be kind to yourself and try to think how you would advise others if they came to you with such a problem. you will be fine, stay strong and in the words of our great Icemousse "EYES ON THE PRIZE"!!
You had two choices, sit back and think how each choice would have made you feel.

You resisted all those temptations (and there were quite a few), so now you can feel very proud of yourself, a little more in control and in fact smug if you like.

Now if you had given in, it wouldn't just have been a little portion, would it? Then how would you have felt? wretched and useless and out of control.

All those shops will be there when you come off your diet (unless they go out of business without their best customer LOL!) you can imagine what the food tastes like. But by the end of your diet you will learn that you can live without it and how good the feeling of being in control is.

All the best
I have found that there is no 1 psycological factor to deal with. Each temptation initially is bourne of a different feeling/situation.

Making a record of my temptations and reviewing them threw up a very definate pattern. By finding out the few key triggers that spelled trouble, I was able to devise a plan so that I could avoid or deal differently with each situation as it arose again which made things easier. :)

You need to bear in mind that these triggers have been a part of for for however long and so practising your new way of doing things will be invaluable to overwrite your unconcious behaviour.

So it could be said that me more temptations you have, the more opportunities you are getting to practice and make your new behaviour second nature that much more quickly ;) :D
Tonight was hardest yet, really my first real challenge since starting LL.

As a regular motorsport fan i headed off to a race meeting where i sat in grandstand and watched the racing with only a bottle of water, whilst all around me people ate burgers / fries and the rest (previously i would have too) I even told my brother to go get some food when he said "no i wont get anything its not fair on you" and i knew he was hungry. I cant deny i did have thoughts of wanting a burger or some fries, it has always seemed a "part of a nights racing" but i am chuffed i sat there and resisted all, and enjoyed my lovely Volvic!

And the funny thing (albeit a little cruel) there seem to be a lot of other "large" people there tonight, some even bigger than me, and they all had a burger or two, And WOW it actually felt good knowing i wasnt eating another burger and that i was doing something about my weight.
Well done to you, avery tough challenge and you passed with flying colours!!! You ARE SO going to be a slim , fit bloke in no time at all!!
Sounds like your head is on straight now, well done.
And the funny thing (albeit a little cruel) there seem to be a lot of other "large" people there tonight, some even bigger than me, and they all had a burger or two, And WOW it actually felt good knowing i wasnt eating another burger and that i was doing something about my weight.

Just keep that thought in your head the whole way along buddy, at the end of the day fast food isn't good whether you are doing this mad diet or not!

Bet you felt good when you resisted the temptation though. I put myself though lots of challenges in the first week. I baked cakes all afternoon one day for the school fete. Fingers constantly covered in melted chocolate and didn't even lick a little finger. I took the children to MacDonalds and drank a bottle of water while they all tucked in (funnily all wanting my water!). I took the kids to the cinema complete with popcorn and nibbles. I resisted all these tests and it seemed relatively easy I felt so proud of my self. It strengthened my believe no end that I could do this. Just make sure you always have plenty of water on you when out and about. Good on you for still carrying on with your life and for your brother supporting you. (He'll probably be joining you soon!) Dizzy x
Another challenge soon with a friend who doesnt drive who wants me to take him to superstore for his weekly shop.

Walking amongst those isles of food and not buying anything.:eek:
Another challenge soon with a friend who doesnt drive who wants me to take him to superstore for his weekly shop.

Walking amongst those isles of food and not buying anything.:eek:

You can do it............just have a shake before you go.I did CD last year and I did the shop every week for 3 kids and 2 adults and I cooked 6 days a week.
Just think how well your doing and that food would spoil it all ????
...and make it plain to your friend that you will need his support and that he shouldn't let you buy anything without reminding you of ecatly why you are doing LL.

I leaned on everyone and took all the help and support I could and it helped. :)