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Fillet steak - SW style?

Help! I've bought a lovely piece of fillet steak as i fancied it for the weekend. I don't want to cook it in butter (Hairy Bikers style) or really use oil unless absolutely necessary.

Has anyone used frylight to season steaks (along with sea salt and black pepper)? I was surprised spray light worked with my yorkshire pudding tins last week instead of dripping/fat;)

I don't want to risk ruining my lovely bit of fillet for the sake of a few syns though. Can anyone advise of a good compromise between healthy & tasty please?


Apologies if this is in the wrong section, but not sure where else it could have gone.
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ive bought a fillet steak to eat at the weekend and i plan to use fry light to sear it in the pan then put it in the oven to finish it off:)


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I seasoned mine with garlic pepper and 'olive oil' fry light then pan 'fried' - yum :D
Oh goody! - my only qualm was as you all know it is best to cook fillet steak on a very high heat. I was just a little concerned as olive oil does not lend itself to high heat as well as other oils. I guess in fry light form it is not such an issue.
i had one last night used fry light sea salt and black pepper mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:) served with butternut squash chips also done in frylight
I cook mine with fry light as well and its well nice (using a griddle pan) pre SW I used to serve it with blue cheese sauce but now i make a 1/2 syn mushroom sauce i found in a sw recipe book, its still really nice


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I sometimes pick up a bargain bit of rump steak and find grilling it with a little spray of fry light and some season all v tasty. Like to melt hex cheese on the top too.
I had fillet steak too, pepper and garlic salt....superb! :D
now all I need to find is a source of low-cost fillet steak, or a cheaper but similarly tender cut.

Can anyone advise?

I fancy having a regular "steak night" so would need to find a good supplier lol.



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I regularly pick up nice bits of rump steak cheap. Local Co-Op just before closing, stuff on use by date! Same for most Supermarkets I would have thought.

Alternatively some butchers can be cheaper than the supermarkets and do you a deal if you stock up and fill the freezer.
I've never been much of a steak person. Preferring battered products such as fish, sausage etc.

Now a nice steak and mountain of salad or veg and SW fries is even better than I'd imagine.

So what other types of steak can be recommended? - I don't mind the fillet - but what are the next-best custs/options? - I will have a word with the butcher tomorrow, but is it a case of sirloin, rib-eye, T-Bone, rump? and do they all cook more or less the same?

I plan bulk purchasing and freezing to stock up.

As I say, steak was not my forte.



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Rump is good, I just grill it, serve it pink in the middle with some season all on. Mmmmmmm
Fillet is my favourite, perfectly cooked it should melt in your mouth :) I've taken to serving mine with the SW mushroom gravy which is very simple and tasty.

As for alternatives, I went for a cheap sirloin the other day which was very disappointing. I would suggest paying the extra and getting a smaller piece.

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