Filling up on carbs???

In the evening, after I have had a large dinner, I seem to get hungry again. I usually fill up on pasta or rice instead of chocolate and crisps, like my husband. Does this sound ok to do?? Its all free food (I do green days) but feels like im eating a second meal. Does anyone else do this?
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
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It depends what I eat as to whether I get hungry after tea. I find if I have plenty of protein then I'm usually ok, but I now have a cup of herbal tea straight after. I seem to remember that you could cook pasta shapes and then spray them with frylight and sprinkle them with spices and cook them in the oven and have them as a snack. I don't know if you can do that now, but I never lost weight if I did have them. Technically I'm sure you're right you can have pasta and rice, but I'd be inclined to use either fruit or LF yoghurt.