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final attempt!

oh dear, I have been on every forum on minimins nearly and this is the last time. If this doesn't do it for me then I quit!
I lost stones easily on Atkins years ago but suddenly it stopped working and I have ever only been able to lose 1/2 stone on it since - probably water. But I've not done it for a good few years, so here's hoping my body will respond again.
Atkins always has been my favourite, most successful diet. In recent years I've tried Slimming World - didn't lose, Cambidge - too hard, hypnotherapy - worked for 6 weeks, JUDD - couldn't stick to it, Dukan - couldn't stick to it, Diet Chef - didn't lose weight etc etc etc.
Has anyone else returned to Atkins?
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Hey! I tried Atkins a year or so and was successful, I then went to do loads of exercise and tried to incorporate some carbs but put it all on again! :(

So I'm returning to Atkins I'm on day 12 and the carb/ sugar cravings have gone so yay! I just love eggs so this way of eating is great for me!!!
thanks lass - you have done great
And shazzy - good luck to you - i'll let you know how i get on. Only on day 3 and my appetite down already - so far so good.
JUDD - is up day down day - very low calorie one day, then eat whatever and so on.
Ok - do people find JUDD works well? I used to do very low fat, and one day a week I had to eat high fat to keep my metabolism up. I lost a lot on that - but did not plan the end of my diet well so put it all back on - and more (typical yoyo result I know).
Hi lass, people seem to like JUDD and i think have good results. I just found the VLCD day very hard as you could only eat something like 100 - 500 cals, so i just kept breaking it. When it was manageable is if you're on a VLCD anyway and the up day is just such a bonus.
Astonishingly I've not heard of that diet you did and I really thought I had heard of them all lol! What was it called?
I found it in a weight traing manual that my brother gave me. You have to eat under 5 % fat 6 days a week - as low as you can get it, and on the 7th day you can have what you want - not go mad, but have chips or fried rice or a piece of cake and normal meals. It was very doable because you knew whatever you wanted you could have it if you waited. In work they bought me a cake box so if there was a birthday through the week I could save the cake till Friday.
Sounds good and a bit like JUDD cos i suppose you can think 'there is always tomorrow' - my problem with it came after tomorrow when i had to go back to a day of starvation - just couldn't face it - but low fat not too bad. going to try atkins anyway to see if it will work for me again cos it is easiest i ever did.
I keep thinking about trying Atkins. Now that I've done the vlcd I'm sure Atkins would be a breeze. Unfortunately I have it in my head that I have to do it this way, so for the moment it's eat gooh! I am looking forward to my add a meal week. Two more weeks of torture to go lol!
Let us know how you get on! I'm sure you'll be great on Atkins it sets you free from all the stress and worry about calories and fat! I like the sound of JUDD and the metabolism trick by having an off day of food! Might read up on that one!


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Welcome Broxi - start up a diary hun and post your menus there, so we can help out with pointers, etc
Good luck everyone ... Good advice Susie - and lass you do seem to have your head focused and in the right place! I like the sound of JUDD and the low fat/high fat week .. I must have a read :)
Lass it's painfully slow - I'm hanging in there but it was never this hard to lose when I was younger! Lol ... Thanks for the message:)
Hi all, I am in ketosis and it is easy after that. My only problem is that I have been unable to lose after an initial 1/2 stone loss the last few times i have tried it - it is as though my body got used to it. But I've not tried for a while so i'm hoping it works now cos it really is a brilliant diet.
Today i've had cold roast beef, salad and egg mayo and chicken and brocoli. plenty of food so it's easy and you're right shazzy - no stress.
Lass, i did vlcd a while ago but it actually gave me proper depression -so never again for me.but it is great for some.
Alpaca you have done brilliantly! have you done atkins before?
Am sorry about the depression on the vlcd - as you say no diet works for everyone. I hope Atkins keeps working for you till you hit goal. It is very frustrating when our bodies don't play ball with the weight-loss we want. We just need to keep plugging away - we will get there!
Hi broxi... Nope not done Atkins before ... I think the last diet was counting cals and that was in the nineties ! Lol

I love Atkins cos it's easy ... Nothing difficult about it and something I'd be ok about staying on long term with a few tweaks in Carbs... Thanks for the compliment ... Doesn't feel so good at the moment but I think I'm just expecting too much... This forum is a saviour for me though as I don't feel like I'm battling this alone! :)


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Hi Broxi, good luck:D
I think the important thing with atkins is not to assume that you will lose a load of weight fast (so dont look at others who are the exceptions!). But you can eat and you will lose eventually - to lose weight while eating plenty of good healthy food - now that really is a miracle diet:D

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