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Final diary (really this time)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by foodlover, 27 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Hi all, starting a diary for what I hope is the last time to loose around 23 pounds. I did slimming world about 5 years ago and kept it off for a long time before the usual all back on and trying WW and low carb etc. Now almost back to where I started and ready to return! Doing this from home for now, as have a lot going on in September but if I see no results (willpower) will be back to class...wish me luck.

    Wednesday 27th August Day 1

    B: cereal bar (B) coffee with skimmed milk (A) 1litre Water

    L: M&S vegetable sushi (1.5 syns I believe) 500ml Water

    D: SW chips, noodles stir fried with beansprouts and onion, rice with frozen peas, homemade curry sauce using paste (5 syns)

    Day 1: EE
    HXB: cereal bar
    HXA: skimmed milk in coffees
    Syns: 6.5
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  3. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member


    B: Special K cereal bar (B) coffee with skimmed milk x 2 (A)

    L: chicken salad with little pizza express light dressing - 3 syns?

    D: pasta with asparagus, peppers, Sundried tomatoes and tbsp of Parmesan - 6 syns
    Glass of red wine - 6 syns

    Day 2: EE
    HXB: cereal bar
    HXA: milk in coffees
    Syns: 15
  4. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Friday - not completely on plan....

    B: Punet of blueberries and Special K cereal bar (B) lots of coffee with skimmed milk (A)

    L: M&S chicken and pesto fuller for longer - not sure of syns but high I'm sure

    D: chicken, mixed veg, and rice, small bit of duck
    Half a bottle of red wine...15 syns?

    Will try and not have too many for the rest of the weekend to balance it out
  5. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Not a perfect weekend but did go to the gym as well.

    Monday - green day

    B; all bran (B) and strawberries with skimmed milk (A)

    L: celery, carrot, rocket and rice
    Coffee with skimmed milk x 2

    D: salad leaves, pepperdew peppers, red onion and Halumi cheese (A) little sour cream and chive dip

    Green day
    HXB: all bran golden crunch
    HXA: skimmed milk and Halumi cheese
    Syns: sour cream and chive dip: 6 syns
  6. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Tuesday, last day of week 1

    B: Special K cereal bar (B) 2 coffees with skimmed milk (A) and 100g strawberries
    Litre of water

    L: celery, rocket and uncle bens Mexican rice - 2 syns
    Coffee and water

    D: jacket potato, baked beans, 30g grated cheddar and salad leaves

    Green day
    HXB: cereal bar
    HXA: skimmed milk and cheddar
    Syns: 2 rice pouch
  7. foodlover

    foodlover Full Member

    Round up of week 1: off plan over weekend but made better choices, 2 gym classes
    Scales showing 1 pound loss which I'm not surprised about as wasn't on plan all weekend. Will be this week!
    Realised it actually 27 pounds in total I want to loose so 1 down 26 to go!!!'

    Wednesday 3rd EE day:

    B: water, coffee and fruit

    L: sandwich with wholemeal bread, chicken, tomato, bacon and mayo - 4 syns
    Soda and lime
    Bottle of coke zero

    500ml water

    D: will be new potatoes roasted in the oven with garlic, red onions, choritzo - 6 syns? piece of fish (skin removed) and asparagus

    HXB: bread x 2 slices
    HXA: milk in coffee
    Syns: 10/ 105
    Last edited: 3 September 2014

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