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final weigh in.... maintenance here i come

I weighted in today, my bmi is 23.8 so the chemist has said I have to finish. Why do I feel so upset... Don't get me wrong i am on top of the world at the weight loss i've made. I never, ever, would have come this far without LT. But I'm scared, so scared i'll mess up and put it all back on. next week is maintenance week so over I go to that forum. Best of luck everyone.... i've loved it here, what super people i've talked to here. Thanks for all your help. Any newbies my advice is, drink your water, keep 100% and keep talking on here and you will do it. xxxx Marie
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Fantastic Marie, take refeeding really slowly, don't feel that you have to eat all the carbs that they suggest, personally I think it's too much but that's only my opinion! You'll be fine x


Never Ever Give Up!
Well done and good luck on maintenance x


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Well done and good luck on re-feed and maintenance! I understand your worries i only have 2 weeks left till i re-feed and im scared i'll mess it up too, i just don't think theres enough info out there about maintenance i suppose everyone is different and has to figure out which healthy eating plan to follow!! Good luck!! i'll see ya on the other side :)
awh thanks everyone.
I'm with you SandraB, i'm taking it slow, i have been reading the dukan diet and i have decided to follow his plan. There is no way i'm eating pasta, rice and potatoes for a long time. I know i'm addicted to carbs. This is the girl who used to get up in the middle of the night for her chocolate fix. and we all know where that got me. But you know something its been great here, I love this forum, such lovely people and LT has changed me. i'm happy now. i used to cry about my clothes and hated the way i looked, hated myself. now i don't, now i feel i can live a much fuller life. I can't take the smile off my face. Stick with it everyone, no matter how long your journey is...you can do it. xxx
I was initially going to go down the Dukan route too, read the book and got all fired up! Then I went into hospital and people bought me loads of fruit, which I absolutely adore, and I found that I just couldn't bear to give up fruit again, even for a short time......so ww it is! Too slow for my liking though:sigh:

Good luck x
yes I agree Sandra ww is slow. are you following pro-points? i heard from some girlies at work that it's kinda complicated and it seems to be slow losing some weight. Dukan is ok, i'm not hungary and actually feel like i'm overeating being back on food.
Yes but I think that I prefer the old discover plan....common sense tells me that when I've only got half a stone to lose that it's going to take a few weeks but that's not good enough is it?!

I have to admit though that I'm not finding it that difficult to follow, apart from a blip with a packet of biccies yesterday that is! But don't we all have one of those days occasionally?

I'll be interested to see how you get on with Dukan, if it seems to be a lot quicker than ww then I might sacrifice my fruit for a couple of weeks....

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