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Well, for those of you that remember me, I was struggling to lose a few pounds before Christmas, and kept de-railing myself and in fact ended up gaining a few pounds.

I finally did what I was thinking about and had hypnosis to work out what was making me do this to myself ..... and even though I am, sorry was, a total skeptic (sp?), I went for it. Well, wonder of wonders, after I came round the person I went to see just said to me .... "I know why you cannot lose weight". Now I thought she was going to come out with some waffle that could mean anything, but she came out with something that was very specific and very accurate for me. To be honest, she spooked me a little :eek:

So, it turns out that what it is is something that someone said to me after I had first lost all my weight a few years ago! That's all. It was when I was in holiday in Greece, and a couple of my Greek friends never mentioned anything about my weight loss at all for the first 10 days of the holiday - just acted like everything was normal, even though they did not recognise me at the airport when I was standing right next to them! When I confronted them about it and asked why, they eventually said that I had upset them because they had thought I had "Cancer" and was dying. At the time I thought they were being a bit over the top, but when I looked back at pictures, I can see what they mean. I had gone too far.

Apparently it is this experience that is sub-conciously stopping me from losing "too much" weight, but it has now gone too far in preventing me .....

The hypnotist did say that I could undergo "Memory Alteration" .... which sounds a bit freaky for me to even entertain. AT least I now know what it is that was messing me up, so hopefully I can deal with it and break through the wall I have built for myself.

New year, new attempt. Fingers crossed.
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Hope that knowing why you are sabotaging the weight loss will help you to not do so this time round.

All the best.

Charlie x


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SteveM!!! Hiya! I remember you, I had wondered how you were getting on after your struggle prior to Christmas!

Good on you for doing hypnosis! It is something that I am considering for when I begin maintenance at some point in the new year.

I think you are right to find out what is stopping you loosing weight, it certainly gives you something to think about and work on for your future health.

Good Luck for your restart. It's great to see you posting again :)

Hugs x x x
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Hiya. I'm gonna definitely try hypnosis when I've lost the weight. I had it to give up smoking and I've never had a cig since, although it has made me considerably larger in body!
Hope it's the break through you're looking for.
Good Luck!


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I hope so too. Its very strange - I never go "completely" out of control and absolutely pile the weight back on again, so I clearly have something that stops me going the other way too.

It just amazes me what damage a "sub-conscious" memory can do. I really and truthfully could not and did not recall that discussion 2 years ago in Greece, and even if I had I would never have taken it that was the cause ....

Lets see, now I know about it. I am starting well enough, I have gained nothing since I had the hypnosis, and have in fact lost 4lbs without knowingly doing anything ...... and that was over Christmas. So in my mind that is a RESULT!

Now to shift the rest of it. I will not be CDing, but Calorie Counting and Exercising.



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Thats so cool, I am a huge beleiver in the fact I am over weight is to do with my emotions/thoughts etc. I have lots of residue left over from my childhood and some of my happiest memories were spending time away from my unhappy homelife into the bosom of a holiday with my grandparents. My gran was the sweetest of people, and she would feed and feed and feed! If you asked her to stop (spooning the trifle) she would always add another spoon lol. I guess i associate food with happiness, and so eat more when i'm down.

I never actually thought about hypnosis and weight loss, but thanks to your post I think I will look into it. Thanks :)