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Finally in the 12's!

After the last couple of really slow weeks where I've been inching veeery slowly to my 3 stone loss and the next stone down-I finally did it this morning! Yay-I'm in the 12's at last!:D

I also was very brave and decided to tell them at work exactly what I weighed before I started CD. They were pretty shocked actually-they never realised that I'd been so heavy. Now they realise quite what an achievement it is for me to have lost what I have so far. I'm pleased I told them actually-it's been a secret for far too long and it shows that I am feeling more comfortable about my weight now.
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Well done you! It's good that you felt comfortable enough to tell them and you have a lot to be proud about.
Yay for the 12s!!!

Now we say go the 11s as that's the next goal.

Well done you, you should be proud of your acheivement, and I bet your friends/coworkers are too


can see the end in sight!
i CANNOT WAIT to be in the 12's. i have a feeling the 13's are going to be a loooong stone for me. my final goal is 12 stone after moving up the plans so fingers crossed, i want to be at goal by the end of august. well done sparkles, and glad you felt comfortable enough to tell people.


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Thats great news. Well done.
I'm clinging onto the last couple of pounds in the 11s and the blooming scales are not playing ball by not moving for a couple of days. Trying to use up 100 cals on the wii to help but hopefully in the next week i'll see them move again.
You must be feeling on top of the world, well done.
Hi Sparkles.......wow, you must be walking with an extra spring in your step...you are doing brilliantly well. I hope to join you in the 12's in the next week or so.
wwwhhhhhhhhoooooooo well done!!!
getting int he 12's was a huge one for me... thing is now, you like me will be beating your way to the 11's!!

well done....

I told a friend last n ight how much in had lost and how much i still wanted to lose... he was gobsmacked at heavy i had been and couldnt believe it!

its one of the reasons we know we will never go back to being that big!!



can see the end in sight!
too right tilly!


Shrinky Pinky!
Well done! :)

12s is my next goal and I'm not far off... and that will be the lightest I've been for over 10 years!!!

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