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Got my delivery today. Yippee so I start tomorrow. Email Exante and they said that the delivery was refused and would be redelivered for today. I told no one rang my doorbell. They came today but went straight upstairs but I live on the ground floor. When I came home from work I saw the real reason why the delivery was refused....It didnt have my flat number on it. I'm going email exante back let them know they didnt put my address right on the package.
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Hello & welcome Keisha - now you finally have your delivery I hope you get on well with the first few days.

Love the pretty sparkly fairy!


100% Focused
Started yesterday. Had a good first day. Had a vanilla shake for breakfast, not all that great so I might add coffee to it. Lunch i had raisin bar, which I like. For dinner had the mushroom soup, that was horrible. Not liking the soups so far. Definately enjoyed the banana shake. Think I'll be ordering the shakes bumper pack and a few bars next week. Good luck for the week ahead
Thanks - you too. Weekends are toughest - weekdays ith work & busy days are so much easier.


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Hi Keisha and welcome to the Exante family. Try putting a couple of sweeteners in the shakes and liquidising with cold water and ice......they taste sooooooooo much better. I never got on with any of the soups but the bars are luvverly. Good luck xx
Hi Tanari and good luck.

I must admit even the soups I originally loathed have grown on me, so persevere if you can. :)


100% Focused
It has been Berryred wasn't as bad as I thought. Was in Ketosis when I checked this morning. I coming down with the flu, which is making it a bit difficult today:sigh:. Had to eat some salmon slices because I was feeling too weak but was 100% otherwise. Hope u have a good 100% week. :)
Hi Tanari and good luck.

I must admit even the soups I originally loathed have grown on me, so persevere if you can. :)
Don't think that mushroom soup would grow on me..lol I'm afraid to try the tomato soup, didnt go done to well when I was on W8. Going to try making the soup I have left into crisps by doing it the way I used to do mine in W8. If that dont work I'm going to order the shakes bumper pack. Have a lovely week.:)
I like the other soups but didn't like the mushroom the first time I tried it though vie had it since and I like it now.
Have 2 left so I'll try it again in a week or so. Love the bars though and my favorite shakes so far is the banana cold and chocolate hot....mmm nice
Sorry if I am being dumb .... how do you make soup into crisps?!
Lol...ur not. Its poppadoms not crisps. Going to try it tonight. Only tried it with All about W8 soup pack mine u. Will let u know how it came out.

Mix a soup pack with a very small amount of water (about 5 dessert spoons), into a smooth paste, spread on a plate or greaseproof paper and microwave for about 2 mins. Let it settle, when golden take out let it cool then peel off and enjoy. Be careful to not overcook as this makes them taste slightly bitter.

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