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I try to avoid coming here to off load my problems so firstly I'm sorry :( but I'm feeling really down today because I've realised my finances aren't in a good state for the rest of the month. I've had to MOT and tax my car this month as well as pay some heavy childcare fees.

I've got scheduled in the diary between now and when I get paid, two visits to see my CDC and there's no way I can afford to pay the £32.55 for each weeks food packs.

Has anyone else had to come off the diet because of finances? How have you coped? My intention will be to jump back on it after I get paid w/c 27th November but I'm just scared it will all go to pot - I can't really afford to go and do anymore shopping and buy a load of healthy food options, I really am down to the cash in my purse - I will have to survive on what I've got in the freezer or jkt potatoes and beans or some other cheap option.

It's upsetting because I'd set myself a goal of another stone by my Christmas party on 16th December so that's gone out the window.

Just had to "dump" how I'm feeling, I'm sorry but it's got me down all day and on top of that it's TOTM - I've felt close to tears all day :(
:eek: :( Hi Hannah!

:mad: Blasted money eh? Makes me scream too!
Could you perhaps have half of the packs-so buy one lot to last 2 weeks and then add a few cals-like tuna/chicken, i guess similar to the 790?

:rolleyes: Just an idea?

Good luck and hey you can lose a stone between 27 nov and 16dec-thats about 3 weeks!!

:D Dont worry you'll be looking fab for your party!
Oh hun - I do empathise - I've had some extremely tough times with money and it's just HORRID!!!!!!!!!

I think Nic's suggestion is really good - or you could do CD1000 with 2 packs a day plus a baked potato at night - or even CD1500, on one pack a day.

Have a chat with your CDC about it, hun - I'm sure he/she'll understand.

HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Mrs R
I've just had to make some major changes purely because of finances.

I've had to move down to 2 packs (plus a meal of course) a day to save money. If it's any consolation, I've just finished my first week of full-on 790 and lost 7lb so it's not all doom and gloom: you CAN have food and lose weight :)

You have my every sympathy though because I too feel like sh*t because we're so skint and Christmas is just around the corner.
Thank you all for your replies :)

I think I'll see my CDC on Thursday and exchange some of the packs I have for Choc Tetras to get me through the day at work as I enjoy these split into two topped up with hot water.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to follow a strict 790 just because I don't think I have the food in the fridge but I know I've got chicken and tuna and small salad potatoes which I could bake in the oven so will have to survive on these. I think I've got some frozen veggie bags as well.

I think I'm just going to have to accept that the next week to 10 days I'm going to have to be extra careful and try and incorporate the packs when I can.

I suppose the safe thing about CD is you don't even have to think about food which is what I like about it - food's taken completely out of the equation.

Thanks :)
Hannah, darling - you will get through this.

I remember one particularly difficult month when I only had peanuts to spend on food for my 3 kids. I was on LL and SSing at the time! I couldn't sleep or stop weeping for the worry. I think I wrote about it on my blog actually, thinking about it! Anyhoo - I found what really helped me was to draw up a list of menus and plan precisely what the kids were going to eat each day so that I felt a lot more in control and they quite enjoyed the novelty of having a structure.

Hmmmm have remembered now how guilty I felt that I was doing LL and how that extra money could have gone on nicer food for the kids, but hey - we do the best we can at the time, don't we.

Try not to worry too much, honey - this too will pass.

HUGS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Isobel for sharing that with me.

Louis has pack lunch at school so as long as I can pack up brown bread, yogurt and fruit he'll be ok. He goes to after-school club straight from school and the fees include some tea but I'm conscious he's not having anything hot - I did feel guilty yesterday buying Super Noodles (although he seems to like them).

I think I might do what you suggested and sit this evening and plan what I can cook him for the rest of the week, I think that will help me to be more economical with the food in the freezer and fridge.

I appreciate your suggestions thanks again.:)
oh that's so sad, god i too felt terrible recently when one of my clients declared they was going to have to come off of the diet, but they intend to return after xmas, if i could've i would've given her the diet, but xmas is looming for us all!!
as i have only recently become a cdc she was my first customer, she had quite alot of weight to loose and was doing extremley well, i looked forward to seeing her every week to see how well she'd done, and it too gave me a boost anyway she's gone till after xmas, maybe one day cd will be prescribed on the nhs like the nicotine patches, so as people with not a lot of money can afford the programme, after all it will help the nhs in the long run
well i wont chip in any suggestions about diet as you have already had some excellent ones, but just wanted to say i sympathise with you over the finances, its horrible being worried about the money when your on this diet, i was the same through mine,

i dont know if you ever ring up all your people you have payemnts to like sky for instance and say your too broke to keep it and they will reduce it for you to save losing you, the telephone companies will do the same too, and lots of other places, i do it on a regualr basis and one month i saved myself £50 a month just by making a few phone calls, its astonishing what they will reduce rather than lose you,
It's funny you should say that because I was delighted on Saturday morning because I got my bill from BT and I was £110 in credit. They said they were reducing my monthly payment and crediting my account.

I was pi**ed off yesterday because when I went on-line to check my balance the £110 had been credited to my account in the morning and then my 2 DD to British Gas for my gas and electricity had been debited which added up to just over £100.

I've got my gas and electricity bills with me today and I'm going to ask to review the DD monthly payments as there's only Louis and I and I'm paying something like £73 a month for my gas and we're out from 8am - 6pm every day. I think my last bill said I was about £10 in debit so can't see why they won't reduce it to say £50 - will save me nearly a weeks CD money a month...
I'd definitely recommend this also. I queried my gas and elec payments, turns out my meter had been run slightly faster than it should be. The result being they owe me £184 which they are sending as a cheque to me, they have altered the meter and reduced my standing order by £15 per month.

I'm also with NTl and they gave me a customer discount of £8.50 per month because I said I was cancelling the TV packages I had as i couldn't afford them.
Blimey... Good on you for questioning it, nice result before Christmas.

I'm definitely going to call and reduce my gas and electricity and BT are reducing my phone dd as from next month so I should hopefully save about £50.

Thank you so much.
Finances.... I'm sorted until payday..

I'm sorted until payday on Monday, 27th November....

My CDC is the best.... :D

I took along the 16 packs I had which I was going to exchange for Tetras to have during the day at work and then have a meal at night (whatever's in the freezer...) and she offered to let me have the other 17 packs I needed to last me until 27th and I could pay her then for them... how lovely is that :) :) :eek: :) :)

I'm embarassed to be in such a position but she really was lovely.

My weigh-in wasn't great - 1 and 1 quarter on but after what I've eaten this week I was relieved it wasn't more (if anyone reads my blog they'll know I've been no angel). I think the fact that I've only had a choc tetra through the day has saved me to be honest.... :eek: :eek:

I've got 10 days until my next weigh-in so here's hoping I shift 6lb to get to below 13 stone as I really am fed up of being 13 stone something (feels like I've been here for ages...).
Well done Hannah for sticking to it when you could have had an excuse to binge away!

I have done the same for one of my "trusted" clients who genuinely can't afford it this week - and I know she'll pay me the following week.

So now you can make a concerted effort to shift those pounds and get below 13 - I'm in the same boat - was 13.7 ... now 13.3 and want to get into the 12 somethings!!!

Good luck with your finances ... I know the feeling - MONEY is so horrible when you haven't got any - and something you take for granted when you have.
Hi Hannah,

Your great the way you have found a solution and what a lovely understanding generous CDC you have!

My short term goal is to get into the ten's and my long term goal is to get to nine stone which is 48 1/2lbs. from today.

Head down now and see you there:)

Hope you have a good day.

Love Mini xxx
Thank god you got that sorted!! well the shakes etc

No need to be embarassed about money - cost of breathing has gone up so it seems :) everything is money!

Money Money Money - Must be Funny - In the rich man's world

Sing it ABBA!

Thanks so much everyone :)

I am feeling much better about it all and yes definitely head down and get on with it now.

I've got a short-term goal of a stone by 16th December and to keep me focused I've arranged on the next Saturday my son is with his dad which I think is the 9th Dec, I'm going to go clothes "trying on"...

I think part of my problem is that I'm now down to the weight I got down to on LL back in 2004 so it's lovely that the clothes I bought back then fit again but I could do with something to inspire me to do the next bit because being 13 5lb I'm still a fair way from my "ideal weight"...

Dreading Christmas but as long as my son gets a sack full of presents everyone else unfortunately will have to like their selection box....:eek: :)
Just wanted to let you know that I got weighed last night and at the same time paid my fab CDC for the packs that she kindly let me have.:eek: :)

Lost 4 and a quarter pound in 10 days so am delighted - just 1lb and a quarter left until I wave goodbye to the 13's.... :D