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Finding an old picture of yourself


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I was looking back at some pictures from a couple of years ago when I went on holiday. I was only a stone and half lighter but it made all the difference. I just looked so much healthier and happier ! I can't wait to get back to how I looked then and then keep on going until I reach my goal weight ! Is anyone else using old pictures as inspiration ?
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yes, im doin an album from fat-fit, so take pics every month to show progress


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Absolutely using a photograph as inspiration - in fact it was the photo that kicked me in to action.

I went on holidays with the girls to Barcelona we got all clammed up for the night and at the time I thought I looked fabulous. When we got back and the pictures were developed I was horrified at what I saw. It looked like someone pumped me up with a bicycle pump. I swore there and then that I was going to lose weight. And that I did. The following month I joined weight watchers.

The photo is on my dresser and I look at it every day. When I am sitting down putting on my runners for a walk but don't feel like walking I just look at that picture and say hell no I am not going back there.

It is the best inspiration for me.

Beside that photo is a photo from a year later the difference is unbelievable. I really must add another more recent photo as I have lost more weight since then.

Photos and your own clothes are the best inspiration that you can get when it cones to losing weight. It's a snap shot in time but you will always remember the feelings at that time too. Isn't better to remember that you were happy with the way you looked and confident in what you were wearing rather than for me remembering I bought it cause it fit and thought I looked good - how wrong was I ?

I highly recommend sticking up those type of photos in the one place that you will look at then most often. It will work wonders for your mindset.

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I did this on day one of my diet! I found two pictures of me slim and happy and they are stuck where i can see them when i lay in bed at night.
I am so determined to be that person again as i am wasting my life being fat and miserable.
Good luck everyone x
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I think the old clothes that I can't get into anymore are far more inspiring for me to loose weight rather than the old pictures.
I have some fab clothes in much smaller sizes. I WILL get back into them


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I have a wedding photo that I look at. My dress was so tight fitting and a size 12 and I knew I looked good in it. I still have the dress after 22 years of marriage and I would love to fit back in it and have our photo taken again, maybe for a silver wedding gift. It's one more thing to aim for.


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I saw a photo of myself when I was 19 and a size 10/12 and couldn't believe how slim I looked, my waist was tiny! Funny thing is I used to think I was fat back then.
gemmm said:
I saw a photo of myself when I was 19 and a size 10/12 and couldn't believe how slim I looked, my waist was tiny! Funny thing is I used to think I was fat back then.
Exactly... When we are slim mentally we don't believe it until we are bigger again x
Me too! Someone tagged me on Facebook, on the beach with a group of uni friends about 10 years ago. I was wearing cut-off jeans and a tiny bikini top - I couldn't believe it was me! I can't wait to be confident on the beach again, even if there are a few more wrinkles these days :)
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I find old photos a brilliant motivation. I have to say I never appreciated how lucky I was when I was 7 1/2 stone and a size 8! I'll never get back to that but I can at least aspire to getting a little closer.



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I just looked at some pictures of me when I was 17 and fit as a fiddle. I was so beautiful! And I thought I was fat and ugly at the time :rolleyes:

Now 11 years later, I'm not sure I will ever look this pretty, but it certainly show me that I can be thin again! :)


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Struggling to find any photos of me at the moment, well there are a few with me hiding behind my hand hoping that the camera would not pick up my double chin!! xx

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I haven't felt the need to bring out the photos yet as my motivation is still pretty good. Saving them for later. As Mrsbc2b said above, I also have lots of really nice clothes that I can't wear at the moment which I am determined to get into. Just this morning I have got into a pair of jeans which I couldn't just a fortnight ago. That's me happy for a while! :party0011:

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