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Finding it hard 12 weeks down the line


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I've been doing ss for 12 weeks and have lost 4 stone which is great but now i'm finding it more difficult then when i first started.I'm still in ketosis but i'm wanting real food most of the day.I've only had a small piece of chicken and fish twice in the whole 12 weeks so not really cheated,
Has anyone else gone throught his phase and does it get better again as i've still got 4 stone to lose.
I drink about 5 litres of water so it not that.
Thanks for your help
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Have you not done aamw? If not I think maybe it's time you did purely for your sanity (I'm doing mine every 5th week for this reason).
Yes definately.I hit a wall every now and again and caught myself giving myself reasons to eat!Didn't though.Kept thinking about all the people who seemed to really struggle to get back on track after a blip and was determined not to do it.Also tried on clothes that I couldn't quite fit into yet and reasoned that if I blipped I wouldn't be in them any quicker!
I'm on week 22 now and it is still tough sometimes,but the rewards are really worth it!
Stay positive and remember your dream!
Fear not! This is definitely a battle of midway! half through the battle of the bulge!

Round about half way, possibly also round about week 12/13 I hit a wall and felt as though I couldn't do it any more and that it wasn't worth it. Feeling very sorry for myself and a bit like a spoilt brat. But I remembered that I had lost so much weight and that all in all it wasn't that difficult and what would another day or two hurt. After a few days I was back to normal.

It really does get better, just stick to it, keep busy or go to bed and ride out the storm, try looking at some old photos or clothes and then take a good long hard look in the mirror, you will see how far you have come and that should keep you going.

Otherwise if you really feel like you can't go on, try just having a little piece of chicken or fish with a few spoonfuls of veg. I promise it really does get better. I didn't give in to it and i am so pleased and proud that I didn't.

Come on now, you can do it.


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I have just finished week 12 and feel exsactly like you a week ago. as others have said, get though it and it will get better.

You have had fantiasic lost (more than me in the same time, but I am just one ofthe slower losers!) and you are now on the downward slope. Stick with it!!

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