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Finding it hard ...

It's only my 5th day and I'm finding LL total really hard. I feel incredibly emotional all the time and feel very sleepy, my first 2 days I felt ok but I seam to be feeling worse as I go on? From most people I've heard it becomes easier, am I counting my chickens too early? Last night I was sooo close to quitting, but I'm going to try and keep on going.
I know I sound like a right moaner, but I'm finding it super hard right now, just wanted to know if anyone else is feeling/ has felt this was in the beginning?
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Trust me, it gets much better to the point of euphoria when the pounds are dropping off and you're in full ketosis. I did have a few sleepy days in my first week but energy levels returned pretty quickly and I was bouncing off the walls! Stick with it, you've done the hardest part I promise


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Hi Shmo

I agree with Roundrachel I'm on day 5 too and feeling a bit low in energy but felt the same last time round, it does go. Hang in there and you'll be ok xx Maxi xx


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I'm on day 7 and was totally knackered over the weekend and a bit emotional too. However, I'm nowhere near as tired as I was before Christmas, I was literally dozing off on the long drive to work.

You will have your ups and downs, but give your body time to settle into this new regime, it's a big change don't forget.

Once you start to see those pounds coming off, it'll be easier to stick with it. Just give yourself a chance and take rest when you can. I find I'm much better after some sleep.
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my first week I felt fine, just tired but my partner said I he was surprised I felt ok as I was hell to live with!

He even begged me to stop the diet after 5 days as I was so moody and snappy to him.

It did only last a week or so and now I have lost 5 stone so it was all worth it in the end, even my partner says so...
I really hope I do get over this first week, I could never do this again, it's not fun! Thanks for all the encouragement it's nice to know I'm not on my own :)
Do any of you have suggestions of how to cope with meals out? Should I just not go?? X

Pinkie :)

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Hey Shmoo...

Regarding meals out... I had to deal with a few as was on LL all over Xmas...

I am pretty private about being on LL in the 'real world', so other than my very nearest and dearest (basically, family & boyfriend) no-one really knows I'm on it! So meals have been a challenge...

However, I got away with it by saying I was on anti-biotics for a bit of a chest infection... and that meant I couldn't drink, and as they made me feel a little queasy, was not really eating. It meant people didn't pressure me, as found when they know you're dieting, they are more likely to say 'go on, you can have something'!

As far as coping in your self, well, it's hard, seeing and smelling all that food around you... But if you want to be slim enough, then you can do it... after all, that food's not going anywhere... you can have it another time! Eh?

So, if you can, still go, as you don't want to lose your social life, that'd be a shame... But, if the idea of being around all that food is just gonna be hell, then sod it, don't go... it's really down to how you feel you can cope... :D

Thanks pinkie :) that's a good idea

I have only told my bf and friend I'm doing this too, I find it too much pressure when all my friends and family know!

How long have you been on LL?

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
Aww, no problem Shmoo... :)

Hmm... well, started on 1st December, so in my 6th week. 6th weigh-in tomorrow eve, so fingers crossed for that! 21lb's so far, although my scale at home shows another 3 or 4lb's loss this week! :)

Agree about the pressure thing. Plus, everyone is an 'expert' when you go on a diet... and I really don't want to discuss what they think I should be doing to my body! The only people I want to talk to about it really, are other LL people like yourself who are going through the exact same dilemma's and issues as me! :D

Plus, I'm curious to see who notices! ;)

Had my first "Wow, Pinks! You're practially fading away!" on Sunday, by someone who didn't know I was even dieting, so that was pretty fab! Although of course, I don't think it even notices yet personally! Lol...

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Hi everyone, Im new to this forum and I returned to lighter life 6 days ago. The last time i did LL, i never stuck to the plan 100% and only lasted 2 weeks. Im feeling really motivated this time and have stuck to the plan completely but i feel so rough! Like Shmoo has already said, i thought it would get easier as the days went on and as i got into ketosis but i feel worse today, more than any other day. I feel so exhausted and very sick, so much so that i dont want to drink my shakes.

Im just looking for some words of encouragement and its nice to know that im not alone!

Emma x
Well done pinkie, that's awesome!! I think that's what's keeping me going, the thought of my boss ( who's very thin) saying I've lost a but of weight instead of making s*** remarks about what I have at lunch would be amazing!!!
Even tho I have a bf and am happy would be nice to get a but if attention when I go out too, instead of my rather gorge friends, fingers crossed on that one!
Smitho I know what you mean, yesterday I had to force myself to have shakes as I felt sick. I recon it's because were not hungry but our body needs something so it gets a bit confused, after I had the shakes, I felt much better!! I found that the savoury broths really help before bed too. We will be fine, we are doing this to be happy in the longrun, I keep thinking a few weeks of hard work = a new happier me xxx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
S: 12st6lb C: 10st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st7lb(12.07%)
Loving your attitude schmoo! You're boss is gonna be seething as she sees you start to shrink! Lol... ;)

And smitho, agree with schmoo completely... if feeling sick, the shakes may actually make you feel a bit better, so do try to have them if you can...

We are all here to support you, so you've come to the right place! And no, you definitely are not alone! :)



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Hello S & S

Welcome, trust me it really does get easier, stick with it and it will be the best gift you ever give yoruselves!!!



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Honestly i don't think i could add anything other than what's beensaid on here!
Hang in there hun. You're a solider!!!
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Thanks for all your positivity! Ive woken up this morning with a different head on my shoulders, im feeling much more motivated and positive. Therefore i feel physically better because my head is in the game. The first shake this morning was a struggle but after that, no feeling of sickness at all!

I think knowing that it's weigh day today has really spurred me on and I've made a chart on excel with dates and targets on.

Hope everyone is having a good day today. How are you getting on Shmoo?

Em x
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Well done you. You will see the results tonight. I'm on day 7 (due to a quirk I'm not back to my LLC until Thursday night) and this is the toughest thing I think I have done. As for meals out, I'm staying away for them for the next couple of weeks as personally I don't think my will power would stretch that far.

Fingers crossed for the result you want tonight.
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I dont blame you when it comes to meals out, i feel exactly the same. I cant even sit in the same room as my husband when he's eating food! We also live with my parents and brother (trying to save money) so there is always somebody cooking or eating in my house and it drives me nuts! But im really excited about weigh in tonight!

Im about to go on a bike ride with OH, havent been on a bike for years. Wish me luck hehe.
Well done Pinks- you are fading away!
Even when people do notice lots of them don't say anything for all sorts of reasons.
Then you get other who think they have the right to say you ought to stop losing weight because you're getting too thin.
They are usually the same ones who didn't feel the need to tell you when you were getting too fat!
It's fascinating. We were talking about it in our Management group last night.
As people on here have said, the first week is definitely the hardest. The sicky feeling will be replaced by a feeling of well-being very soon, especially if you drink all the water. I have 4 litres a day
and I can pee for England!
Good luck ladies. You won't regret this decision.
Look forward to your great first week losses.
How did your bike ride go Smitho?
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just a wee question SB do you stop drinking water at a certain time on weigh day? i didnt drink as much on weigh day and think that may have aided that massive loss? my weigh in is half 6. xx


hey carrie i never drink much water on weigh in day...never have done x

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