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finding it hard ...


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Have you come straight from Cambridge to Exante or taken a break in between? If you've had a break in between it might just be that your system needs to get used to it again.

Keep glugging water and remember you can have bouillon and coke zero/dr pepper zero if that helps in the mean time. :D
hello thanks for the reply :) I came straight from cambridge. Tbh i don't know whats wrong with me as I stuck to cambridge SS religiously! Thanks for the advice i don't know what i would do without my water now never thought i would say that lol
hiya hun do you think its because with cambrige you have someone to answer to an you go it alone with exante? you can do this good luck xxx
Thanks for the replies.
@charlie's mummy ... i actually do think that is the reason my consultant was lovely and i guess it was just that 30 mins alone with someone who actually knew what u were going through and been successful that was giving me more motivation!
Good luck to both of you too!! xx
hey honey. I'm, sorry you're feeling like that.I can completely empathise though because it always seems to be harder second time around or second time at trying something, even if you have come straight from cambridge. Stick with it though because after a week or so it gets easier. You know that any way because you did fantastic and stayed on Cambridge for 10 weeks.
Hi thank you for the response :) Im a real worrier and i keep thinking the longer it takes me to get back into the diet the more weight i could possibly put back on but i know i can do it otherwise i wouldn't have done cambridge for so long. How long have you been doing this for now? xx

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