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Finding it Hard


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I'm finding the diet really hard today.

Unfortunately a close family friend passed away during the night. I was a comfort eater and I really want to eat.

Just feel I'm missing out on so much at the moment. Friends have arranged a meal next week and while I could go along, I don't want to sit and drink water as they're having a fantastic meal so have declined.

Tell me this gets better ?
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Here we go again!
Sorry to hear about your loss, hope you are OK.

At least you realise you were a comfort eater, that's good. If you can realise your eating problems that's a big hurdle dealt with. This diet has seemed to have gotten easier the longer I do it. I will be out next week and everyone will be drinking and nibbling but I wont be. I will be on water and happy to be. This diet works wonders, you know that, so just stick with it, persevere and you will reach your goal! Thinking of you.


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So sorry to hear of your loss, I have also discovered that i am a comfort eater and eat when i am bored!
I hope that you get through the next few days - just look at how well you have done .... *hugs* x


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry to hear of your loss chick! Hope you are ok *big hugs your way*

It does get better chick, and I can honestly tell you it is worth it in the end xxxx


One last chance
I'm sorry hun :( *hug*

Things will get better. I remember my friend had a birthday and she invited me for a meal too. I had to decline it. I felt bad because I couldn't be there for her birthday. But at the end of the day, there's nothing I want more than to lose weight, and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't quit until I got to target.

LT is hard, and you are doing so well so far. 14st to the 11st's, that's amazing! Don't give it all up now, you can do it :hug99:


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I am so sorry about your friend hun! HUGS!

Fellow comfort eater here! But this is where I think LT is best! If we can go X length of time without eating and situations arise that would normally have us comfort eating arise, then we HAVE to learn how to deal with these situations without food! So that when we do return to food, hopefully we continue to cope without the comfort of food!

So if you do this hun, if you get past this time without eating, then it will be a HUGE achievement!!!

But I hear ya, I too feel as though I am missing out while on this diet. But it doesn't really bother me. I decided at the start to become a hermit till I was done with it. I just find it easier! Life will begin again in a few weeks.


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Sorry about yer loss honey :(

It really does get better and whilst this is a crappy time for you its brilliant that you have realised you are a comfort eater and have not eaten!!! so bloomin well done!!!!!

Biggest step overcome, now you know you can do it :D xxxx


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Thanks Ladies,

I've made it through the night with my sparkling water and not folded.

My lovely friend had lots of nibbles but thoughtfully put the table away from where I was sitting so I wouldn't be tempted - lol.

Cheers again - off to bed now.


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Sorry for your loss.

You kept strong which is a credit to you, emotional eating is very hard to overcome and is never easy.

Just try and keep strong.

Jo x

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