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Finding it tough "getting" EE after returning to SW!

Rejoined last night after falling off the SW wagon last year and I have to admit the whole extra easy thing has made me feel really uneasy!I'd got so used to red and green days that combining them feels almost wrong :p
My SW leader is convinced that it works so I'm going along with it..for now ;)Has anyone else found it hard to adjust when they restarted??
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Im so worried about it I havnt done an EE day yet! Maybe when Im confident on green and reds and with a nice weight loss I might 'risk' it!!
I joined SW in April 2009 and I'd reached my goal (a loss of 2 stone, 12lbs) by September 2009, and never did anything except EE. I was really sceptical at first, and felt like I ate my own weight in a whole range of EE food combinations, just to 'test' the theory out in the first month, but I lost 2lbs in my first week and just kept on losing. I know you feel a bit wary at first, but it really does work!

I too fell off the wagon in March this year after my wedding plans were cancelled and I lost motivation, resulting in a 14lb gain (boo). However, I'm getting back on the wagon (my first day today and a perfick EE day!) and I'll be visiting my group as soon as I can swallow my pride and embarrassment at gaining again. But I'll be going EE all the way.

Try it - you'll love it! Steak and SW cajun chips... Mmmmmmmmmm.

Lou x
I've been a member for three weeks, and the two weeks I did extra easy I lost weight, the week I didn't I gained! To be honest, I don't think the red and green days made me gain, but I def. lose better on EE. Maybe its because I tend to eat better meals, and snack less, whereas on red or green days, I tend to graze all day. Who knows? Anyway, don't be scared, give it a go :)


Onwards and downwards!
Hi Hayley, welcome back to Slimming World. I'm exactly the same as you. I fell off the SW wagon last year and finally plucked up the courage to rejoin just over a week ago. Before I had only ever done Red and Green days and never even wanted to consider EE as I thought there was no way it would work.

But my Consultant wanted me to give EE a try for the first week and see how it went. I have to say I really really enjoyed it, you can have so much more variety and don't have to worry about what foods you put together (had my first proper roast in aaages on Sunday, SW friendly of course :) ). Anyways, I had my first weigh in last night and I have lost 2.5lbs in my first week, following EE totally. So I'm definitely going to stick with it because it is just so easy. I really recommend giving it a go for at least a week just to see what results you get. Then at least you have tried and if it doesn't suit you then you can go back to red and green, or you might be pleasantly suprised.

Good luck with your first week :D
I have done red and green when I did slimming world in the past. When I rejoined at the beginning of the year my C explained the EE plan to me and as I had a full understanding of red/green found it easier. I have lost almost 2 1/2 stone since the beginning of the year by doing mainly EE and throwing an occasional red/green day into the mix when I want an extra B choice. I have found when following red/green I automatically have my 1/3 superfree which i never did before.

EE does work - try it.
I have tried red and green before on slimming world but found it too restrictive for cooking for my OH and gave up all together. I have now been following EE for 6 weeks and nearly lost 1 stone! I find it really easy to stick to. I just cook all my normal meals that I had before but tweak them to SW friendly. Hubby has lost weight too just from my evening meals! Most people find it amazing that you can eat cooked breakfast, pasta etc in unlimited amounts but I can say it does work. This is the longest I have ever managed to stick to a diet! I find that I don't snack nearly as much as I did before i was dieting as the meals are so satisfying!

You may as well try EE - you have nothing to lose but weight!


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I couldn't 'get' EE either, I was completely sceptical. After losing 4lbs the first week, I think I can safely say it works! I still don't 'get' it, but, I don't care either, as long as the weight comes off.
I may try throwing in the odd green/red day later, but for now, I am sticking with EE as everyone eats it, I don't have to weigh anything and I am eating more fruit and vegetables and so are the children.
A win, win, win, situation.
I don't think you're alone with your thoughts of EE it just feels so alien if you've done SW in the past with red/green only. I did SW 12 years ago for a while so when I started again this year I stuck to red/green because it felt safer to me. After all these months I've still only had a few EE days because for me it isn't restrictive enough. That's just me though probably. I like to know I'm doing something different to lose weight and with red and green I get that but with EE it feels too normal! I know loads of people who prefer it exactly for that reason so I must be peculiar. However you feel just do what's best for you. You might wonder soon how you ever managed red/green or you might decide to go back to them. Either way all the plans work.:)


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I'm a red or green girl myself too from a couple of years ago, and on my return I still can't grasp EE! It feels daunting and dangerous in a totally irrational way!

I'm more than happy on red and green though (and losing steadily), and I think that once I'm over half way I will branch out into the 'unknown' (!) and try EE then.

xx :)

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