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  1. Well its only Day 4 and I'm experiencing a mental shift in my attitude. I am dying to be slim again, to be happy and love myself.

    I've spent the last 10 years beating myself up, since I split with my ex and I comfort eat to feel better about myself.

    I used to be blonde, vibrant a mountain bikng gal, part of a little group of ladies who called ourselves SmarT tarts. Well I've got my new mountain bike, a gorgeous thing it is. I cycel 6 miles everyday and am looking forward to being slim again, so I can join a club again go an have some fun!

    I plan to have highlights back through my hair, get a spray tan, get my belly button pierced, live in surf clothes again and be the real me. Not the Sarah who conforms and fits in, tries to keep everyone happy. The next 10 years will be about me and ME alone.

    Has anyone else found themselves through this? What have you discovered? What have you done differently?
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    Angelica - I know what you mean. Now that I've lost most of my weight I feel younger and lighter and more vibrant. I have felt old beyond my years since my mid-20s. I know I can't re-capture those years but I'm sure as hell not going to waste any more either. I've started to buy myself some nice clothes and have started to become more flirty and instead of avoiding eye contact with men in particular, I am starting to enjoy the appreciate glances I now get.

    I am only just starting to find the real me, I have been a mum and wife and wage-earner for so long that the real me has been short-changed for long enough!
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    Sarah your post really struck a chord in me. I totally get how you feel about the real you being submerged for so long. I have felt exactly the same but something inside me changed recently and with each lb dropped it feels like im shedding a bit of skin and the real me will eventually be revealed. I may leave some casualties along the way but im going forward with a new mindset. I can and I will.
  5. katie_oxo

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    Great post Angelica - I do know what you mean. I can't wait to get on with my life with the newly formed me.

  6. SoonBeSlim... It'sTrue!

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    I too know what you mean, and great to read your post. :read:

    Early on when I started LL I felt my mind suddenly get what it should of know all along. I am sure if I was talking to a friend I would of worked them out and where they were coming from, but it must of been too close to home for me. :doh:

    To be honest my mindset changed in incriments over the last few years when certain circumstances arise which make you deal with stuff, and LL or should I say being a healthy weight is one of the final pieces in returning to me! :queen:

    Good Luck with it all, I look forward to reading your BLOG

    Take Care :clap:

  7. Been busy scoffing the pure delight known as Cheesecake LL recipe (vanilla pack, ice and sl.clements) it is lush... so much so been back to LL to swop all my soup for vanilla packs!

    Am going to go and pick my guitar up again last when I feel hungry, I'ven ot touched it for over a year following a row with my OH over it. Now I don't care I love playing it, be it badly. My music means alot to me so stuff the complaints about music playing, or my singing. I'm going to reward myself with gig tickets as I loose weight. :p
  8. In search of me

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    You go girl! It WILL be worth it & how fab you will feel! I'm just looking forward to a new me. Last time I was slim was over 20 years ago & so much has changed since then there is no going back to "old me" so will take great pleasure reinventing myself!
  9. Wendy

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    Excellent :D I'm sniggering loads at the idea of Ben getting narky with your bad guitar playing (but then that won't be a surprise to you, lol).

    I think that with doing LL, loads of us as finding its the realisation of doing something so positive for ourselves, not for anyone else but because we want to change what we dislike about us, and we're the only one's who can do that.

    You're one of my best friends and I love you to bits - you're incredibly kind and supportive, you've got a fab sense of humour and you always put other people before yourself. I'm so pleased that you are doing this for you as I am sure that in a way, like me, you've felt you've been holding yourself back.

    I'm only a few weeks ahead of you and we WILL do this together and I'm even looking forward to going frock shopping (although might have to draw the line at pink!).

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    It is amazing, and good for you for finding something non-food based that you can do in the evenings. I didn't figure this out until about week seven, but now I hugely enjoy playing my piano (yes, badly).

    This has been the first week that I've noticed that I don't feel I look huge - and from the flirting I got at a party on Saturday, I'm not the only one! Woo hoo!

    Keep at it - you'll never regret it.
  11. :cry: Oh bless oyu Wendy, that made me cry when I read it. I know for sure i'd not get through this without you. you mean the world to me and I wish we still lived close by each other still. As I miss you loads.

    We'll be Smart Tarts together come Autumn! :p

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