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Dear Diary......

Today I have decided to make myself accountable for what is going into my mouth, I promise to write to you every day, it may not all be good but it will be honest. I will lose weight and will feel fitter and healthier but I am going to need your help along the way, for the first time in ages I am feeling decisive about this so let's get going and stop dithering about!!

Today is day 1 (not the first 'day 1' but hey ho - what are you going to do ;)!!) have done Keto in the past and it worked really well but I found it not sustainable as I really don't want to be cooking separate meals for me and the rest of the family. So, the decision is made to come back to SW - basically Keto has given me a distrust of carbs and some veggies so it will be interesting to see my progress and if I can make friends with these again, for now a slow reintroduction via extra easy SP is the plan.

Friday is an odd day to start, with the weekend looming so wish me luck 🍀

I will be back later with an update on how it went today:p

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Hi Mary 2020

Thanks for asking :classic_smile: Yesterday was not too bad overall - no major slip ups but dinner was a bit of a disaster taste wise - hubby was making the hairy bikers sausage casserole and added all sorts of stuff that I should not be eating (cooked in oil, full fat suasage and sugar) - so I just cooked myself some Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages and took only a small spoon of his casserole sauce - it was a bit Meh!!

I need to plan mny meals if I am to make this work so today I am looking at meals for the coming week and will go shop according to what is on the plan.

So yesterday I had:

Breakfast - mushroom omlette

Lunch - 2 slices of bread with marmite (I'm an unashamed lover ;) ) with 30g Gouda cheese, followed by a 0%fat greek yog with passion fruit 1 tablespoon of skinny food company salted caramel sauce and a satsuma. 0.5 syn for the skinny sauce

Dinner - LM sausage x 2, spoon of casserole sauce and cauliflower mash - not tasty at all!!

Also had 2 small measures of wine (125ml) filled up with with soda water to make it last longer - 12 syns for the wine - maybe less in fact as it was only 5% alcohol, and the syn value given is for 8-10% alcohol.

Bring on Saturday :cool::cool::cool::cool:



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planning definitely helps. You can probably adapt a lot of SW to suit what you already know your body responds well to. It's just me and my 2 kids here so although I'm quite new and doing my own thing (lower carb not quite keto) we tend to have the same main course but different sides, so the kids might be having mash potato but I'll be having something like ratattouie or onions fried in olive oil. I don't lose weight on SW even when I stick to it I think I am just too carb sensitive but I know many people who have lost huge amounts, good luck to you!
Thank you for the encouragement - much appreciated and I absolutely agree, it's a personal balance and I need to work out what works best for me, I am starting with SW extra easy SP most of the time but may need to change it up a little, let's see.

so this is what I ate on Saturday 27 Feb

Late breakfast as I spent so long looking at recipes trying to figure what to have for the week ahead - I feel I could become obsessive with looking at food- I will try to reel myself in I guess :classic_tongue:

Breakfast: Tomatoes, ham and eggs with 1 slice of Gouda cheese (14g) so half HEA.

Lunch: ham lettuce and tomato sandwich (HEB for bread) and 0.5 syn for extra low fat mayo.

Dinner: Keema and cauliflower rice, Keema made with 5% fat mince (mixed beef an pork as this is what we had in), onions, garlic, ginger, tin tomatoes and peas, along with all the spices - cumin, coriander, garam masala, curry powder and turmeric. I think that this would be free

Treat: small bag of mini eggs - 6 syns, 1 glass of low alcohol white wine - 6 syns

I always take unsweetened roasted almond milk with my tea and coffee (got onto this during my keto phase and now find cows milk tastes almost greasy - strange how tastes change right, so I will make this my second HEA every day (not sure I get through 400ml per day though)



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S: 13st9lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.14%)
sounds like a great start :)
This is what I ate on Sunday 28 Feb

Late breakfast: Bacon, eggs, mushroom and grilled tomato

Lunch: Ham and lettuce sandwich - just to keep the hunger at bay

Dinner: Roast chicken with loads of veggies - cauli, broccoli, carrots, sprouts, beans and a treat of mashed potato (so clearly not SP today ;))

1 yorkie - 5.5 syns, gravy 2.5syns, malteser mini easter bunny - 3 syns



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S: 13st9lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.14%)
I think if we just kind of try to do better on an ongoing basis than we did before thats great
March Hare, March Hare, March Hare🐇🐇🐇

Happy March everyone ;)

This is what I ate on 1st March 2021

No breakfast as busy, busy morning at work

Lunch: Left over chicken, cauli, sprouts, carrot and broccoli with a spoon of gravy 1.5 syns
strawberries, raspberries with greek yog (0%fat) with a tiny drizzle of sukrin caramel sauce 0.5 syn

Dinner: chicken fajita pasta bake 2 syns

Snack: samosa 9.5 syns

Not a SP day after all but on plan and I felt fine eating the carbs :classic_tongue:

ending on 13.5 syns today but the samosa was worth it!!


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S: 13st9lb C: 13st3lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(3.14%)
Morning, yay for March, lets hope for a good month all round!