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Finding today hard

i am finding today really hard i just want to pig out my ex pissed me off earlier so think its wanting to comfort eat:sigh: but i really fancy a mcdonalds lol its my first weigh in tomorrow so there is no way i am going to spoil all the hard work lets hope i feel better tomorrow:D sorry for the moaning
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That's what we are here for, to listen and if we can help... I've just sat through a big mac fries and and ice cream thingy- and not one little bit touched my lips, but I did chew.... Rofl I find myself doing it when other people eat now lol... Trust me it looked nice but no where near as nice as when he got up to put his rubbish away and I realised I had resisted and felt proud of myself, don't let others drag you down, that's the old option and you have chosen the new option by doing lipotrim xx
thanks guys this site really does help i must say and both of you 2 have done so well in 2 weeks nearly a stone well done to u both did u have many days when u felt like this? is this both your first times on lt? x


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You have done well to get this far and good luck with weigh in tomorrow, I hope it is a good one!
Must be something in the air! Had a lousy morning - low mood lots of tears then cooked bacon butties for hubby and kids! Better afternoon but as I type hubby is on a low fat chicken kabab....:S Week One first weigh in tomorrow, fingers toes and everything crossed. Good luck sweet x


Back on the diet train...
hey hun sorry u feelin down. im sendin u a big hug! :hug99:!!!

just think wen u get weighed 2mo an how good u will feel that u didnt giv in 2 that lil voice in ur head.

foods not the answer hun. its the excuse to hide away but u dont need 2 do that anymore.

so av a nice hot bath and get some sleep!!

good luck wiv 1st weigh in.

:thankyou: guys well i lost 12 and ahalf pound cant believe it :woohoo:
gilo good luck with your weigh in today let me know how you get on?
Bex how are u doing hun? good luck with your too also let me know how you get on good luck
Wow. That's an amazing loss! Well done: bet you're glad you didn't cave in now!

No slip ups when I was on tfr. I've just finished the second week of refeeding and am still sticking to the blurb but the rules are mch easier on tfr. I've got my weigh in this afternoon so keeping my fingers crossed I haven't put on.



I will be skinny again!!!
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Stay away from the McDonalds..

Ex's have a wonderful effect on us able to do that..

but picture his face when he sees you all sexy and skinny and its gobsmacked he let you go :p

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