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finding tonight hard- bored and fed up :(

i'm finding tonight hard, i am bored and want to go out on the piss or do something lol i know if i go to bed now it will be worse tomorrow because I will wake up too early and day will be never ending.... uhhh hate weekends on LT haha... I think i am just feeling sorry for myself tonight and i was on a high this morning when my skinny jeans that wouldnt go up on me last year, that then fitted me a month back were now loose on me this morning and now on a downer tonight agggghhh sorry just on a rant and feeling sorry for myself lol :cry::cry:
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stay with it girl!!! If you were out, you're jeans wouldn't fit anymore and you'd feel rough!!!!

its my first weekend on LT and I've had to think hard about how I'm going to spend my time. Garden needs doing, I've got a heap of ironing and the spare room needs sorting. Boring I know but it'll pass the time on.

Why not have yourself a pamper night - get the facepack on, polish your nails, have a bubble bath......think that'll be my sat night this week!!

Stay focussed - you can do it x


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yep will be worth it when u wake in morning, if u up early go for a walk, i hav to say i feel fantastic tonight, my jeans are 2 loose on me and i orderd some levis on line today cant wait to get them !
I know i am just bored lol not hungry or anything boredom getting the better of me.. got off work early today which is usually a good thing but it just made the evening drag today because i had nothing planned.. Everyone is out doing stuff this evening too but i just wanted to chill this weekend so made no plans.. oh i will live just having a good moan lol

Yea think a walk in the morning, going to bring the dog out early then will do stuff through out the day and maybe a pamper night as you suggested tomorrow night...

thanks :)


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ya think ill do a paper night myself souns good :) i had a bad week but feel good now right back on track lookin forward to gettin weighed! here's to coping with weekend !
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I'm sorry to hear that - I get a bit bored on the diet, however, for me it's worse during the week as I'm on my summer holiday's from university. Heh.

That's great news about your jeans! Do something even if it's something dull & I'm sure it'll be fine :)



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You rant away!! This is what the site is for. It is best to get it out...if we keep it in, then it could all go wrong.

I think weekends are hard for the majority to be honest...our whole society is based on food/drink and when you take that out of the equation, it takes a bit of imagination to refill it with something else!! It gets a little easier though.

The others have given some brill advice...and hope you got up early and took the dog out for a good long walk :) It is just a matter of keeping yourself occupied.

Hang in there, and well done on the jeans front! That will keep you going, there is nothing nicer and more rewarding than trying on clothes that fitted, or didnt fit and now are too big! LOVELY!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your pamper.

Take care


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i've never pampered my self so much in my life since being on LT!! its a great distraction.

exercise is a great time filler if you are struggling, as is being on here for inspiration! you will work out how to cope but if you are still struggling just remember that eating and drinking wont solve it! but window shopping for tiny clothes might ;)



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Hope you are feeling better today. It must be a great boost to see the jeans loosen on you, just think of the next size you will get. There will always be nights out and you will feel all the better for looking even better when you next go out. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. take care.
Thanks everyone for support and comments... feeling grand again :):) Was just feeling sorry for myself last night and was so bored... Got up early today, brought the dog out, then went shopping, got new jeans in a smaller size so happy with that and they look nice on too :):) even made lunch for everyone for my dad's birthday and just had tea and water while they were all eating their lunch and cake.. haha made them salad though as they are all trying to be good too and take a leaf out of my book ha... brought the dog back out again and now chilling at home with a wine glass full of lovely sparkling water watching a dvd with my neice... so good day all so far and think i am back fully in ketosis too :):):)


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Good news on the smaller jeans as well..that would have made it all the worthwhile.

Glad you got your head back in gear again; we all have days like that...but you positively attacked it head on and look at you now!! Well done.

Have a good evening with your niece.

Take care
Thanks for you comments and support scotsmist....

Yea loving the jeans and have another pair that i want for a concert i am going to next fri so will get them durin the week and a nice tshirt i seen too for with them.. going to do my wardrobes tomorrow and throw out all my old clothes to make room for the new hehe... should keep me busy anyhow...

Hope your feeling ok after the pain you were in... fair play to you sticking with this through your op an all and been so positive too :):)


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi N

Good for you...It is nice to treat ourselves..I think we need it and it just boosts us. I bought a lovely dress from Betty Jackson Black range last week....nothing ever fitted before, and i felt like a million dollars when i wore it!

I am much better, although after the sports massage yesteray I am in agony. I didnt sleep a wink last night and couldnt turn over with the pain. My hubby had to keep turning me...and we have a memory foam mattress and it still hurt. I am bruised black and blue!!!! He did say my muscles were tight as hell - and he wasnt joking!!!!! Hopefully it will ease off within the next few days

THANKS FOR ASKING!!! I am still smiling...but only groaning apparently whist sleeping, or trying to :D

Have a good evening!!


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well done on getting onto the smaller jeans I love that feeling glad your feeling better now just think how great you will look at the concert in ya new smaller clobber :) xxx
Thanks Jo Marty, i'l be strutting my stuff next friday in them haha x


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glad u had a good day !
Thanks Nicolas, yea was fine today again :) how you getting on...

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