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Finished re-feed & had my operation..


Sensibly losing :)
Only had my op yesterday and not particularly in a good way at the mo so trying to distract myself by coming online and having some retail therapy etc until the doc does me another prescrition! OMG never felt pain like it... but anyway, thats not the reason for my post! It will improve and I will be able to eat proper food again without ending up in agony! be gone nasty galbladder!

So, as you know I was told to do re-feed in the end - and I did! I entered it VERY nervously at first and became totally obsessed with the scales, it took over my every thinking moment!! After 3 or 4 days I relaxed a bit as the scales continued to stay the same and drop even... so I have allowed myself the odd treat too but made sure I eat sensibly on my meals... the same as I was before I started LT. This diet brought out some bad habits for me that were long buried so I am glad that they have gone again... I managed to maintain before and I am back there again but at a new lower weight..

So, I am lighter now than I was before I began eating which is a huge relief, and I have certainly had all I wanted/fancied so it cant be bad!! Weighed myself today (stupidly) and I have gone up very slightly but very bloated due to my op and didnt eat properly yesterday .. i know it will come back off tho as I have not eaten anything to gain! I was loaded with fluid all day so not dwelling on that too much!

Gonna get myself healed and I hope to be back on the LT train in a month if I am well enough. LT said they will accept me back on officially after 6-8 weeks due to being a medical case with my back which is a bonus and they will overrule my pharmacy... if I have to go on exante for a couple of weeks then so be it but i wont be doing anything until I get a clean bill of health!

Thanks all once again for all of the advice when I asked for information - I literally wouldnt have been able to get stuck in without you :)

Have a lovely weekend all :)
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Back to reality!
Glad your op went well and you are on top of things. Well done on the loss- I agree it is very scary once you start eating but just remember what habits got you on lipotrim in the first place and avoid!


maintaining since June'09
Glad that's all over and done with and you're well on the mend :). Well done on the good results whilst eating, keep up the good work and you'll soon be back on top form and well on the way to where you want to be :) xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Glad the op has gone ok and hope you are recovering well :)
Defo make sure you are better before heading back onto TFR xx


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Hi Donna, glad the op went ok:D you'll doubtless be feeling like crap for a few days but try and focus on a week at a time rather than day to day as that's too short term after a big op. Mine was over 5 months ago now and I can't believe how the time has flown!

Eating again is very scary, concentrate on getting really good
nutrition and maybe spoil yourself a bit, spring is a fabulous time for really gorgeous veggies, try our Jersey royal new potatoes if you can get them where you are, delicious simply boiled with a sprig of mint and served with a knob of butter or asparagus and green peas are wonderful. I love asparagus with a spoonful of hollandaise mmmmmmm all really good for you and far tastier, honestly:rolleyes: than chocs and biccies!

Keep well x


Sensibly losing :)
Hiya Sandra :) Wondered where you had gone, just seen your reply on my other message that said you were in France. Lovely :) Got friends that live out there, very nice it is too!

Well, I am doing absolutely fabulous! I know its only 6 days since I had my op but I am already back to normal!! I have had a few hiccups in that my internal stitches popped in my bellybutton wound (omg the pain as I was in bed, it woke me up and i felt every single thing!!).. I have suffered from a seriously distended tummy which has now resolved itself unless I touch dairy (but I have IBS dairy related for years anyway).. I have a small infection in one of my other wounds too but I only found that purely by chance as it was hidden on the inside of my bellybutton, deep at the bottom! LOL!

Anyway, the other half has been back to work for 2 days and I am back to running the house, dealing with the kiddies by myself, seeing to the housework/dinner and I have even stitched and hung curtains!! All naughty I know and I have had no end of nagging but I honestly wouldnt do it if I didnt feel I was capable.. and I have not done any lifting.. what I have done is all sensible! LOL! The only time I am a little sore is when I have rested in bed of a night! Work that one out!!

So, the exciting stuff - eating/dieting!! I saw a 3lb gain on the scales after surgery and had a huuuge belly too... bit sad at that but tried not to worry. I have been eating sensible meals but due to the bloating have not been able to eat much - I get full on 3 ryvita!! due to the dairy I am on black tea still (love it thanks to this diet).. so I have been taking it easy and eating sensibly.. still been having the odd biccie etc and not denied myself anything.. I have been using the asda/tesco meal replacement bars purely as I know they will give me some decent nutrition and they are of the right size for me to eat.. I tend to have one for brekkie at the moment as I am a bit stuck as to what to have. I cant have ANY dairy and brekkie is a meal I seriously struggle with so this seems to be the perfect solution for me.. I dont fancy brekkie so I have this as I know I need something... I then have a small lunch (crackers/fruit/sarnie type thing) and I have been having our normal evening meal with the family... if peckish I am nibbling the odd biccie, I have trialed some choc (no GB, HELLO!!!!)... and not been without! But I am seriously NOT hungry and I am so full after eating a small bit that I feel sick like I have pigged a 3 course meal! That is settling down but still not nice!...
ANYWAY, I have LOST 7lb since doing the re-feed and I still have a slightly swollen belly!! I am SO pleased!!! I absolutely dreaded re-feed, was so upset to break the diet before I got to where I wanted to be.. and now I am there! :) I cant believe it! I measured earlier and I have lost 12 inches from my bra/back measurement!! LOL!! no wonder new undies were in order!...
Its made me re=think my plan to get back on LT or exante... I am happy how things are going at the moment so if they continue this way then I may not do tfr.. if the asda bars etc help me out almost like a maintenance product and I am sensible then I may stick to this. I dont feel like I am even on a diet as I am able to eat anything I like. LT brought out bad habits in me for picking which have thankfully gone!!

Thank you SO much for all of your support, all of you!!! I am still going to stay on the LT board for the time being until I get to my lower target of 7-10lb as I am still using LT maintenance stuff alongside the stores own etc - but for now I am doing my own thing and making it up as I go along! (unless you have any brekkie ideas!! LOL)....

:) When I woke in recovery the nurses were all talking to me about LT and writing the name of it down!! Had a chat for about an hour or so with all of the details while I was there and they were all very keen!!! Also sold the idea to a girl in the opposite bed to me LOL!!!! Commission wouldbe great hey!!

Take care and look after yourself too - sounds like you are doing everything you can :) I was anaemic before doing LT and couldnt tolerate iron pills - my levels were normal in hossie, along with my BP etc for the first time in my life! Lt must have made the difference!! Heres to a full recover quickly for you too! I am very thankful I bounced back so fast! :) (the other half was going out of his mind with the kids/house/cooking etc!! What choice did I have!! LOL!)


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Hi Donna, so glad to hear that you're doing so well:D honestly your recovery, and eating habits sound so familiar to mine so I'm sure that you'll be fine. I know what you mean about problems with stitches too, I had an emergency hysterectomy in 2005 with dissolving stitches. There was a little piece of cotton poking out of my belly button and I made the mistake of pulling it only for a sort of gelatinous mess to come out of the stitch hole:eek: it was totally gross and made me throw up! Fortunately I was in the shower at the time!

So take it easy ok? Don't do anything daft and not be surprised if, even though you feel great now, you get a bit tearful and generally down, in the days and weeks to come.

God bless x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Well done on the losses chick :) and glad to hear you are doing well x


maintaining since June'09
Glad you're doing so well, recovery-wise and weight-wise :)

What about eggs for breakfast?? xx


Dance the positive spin..
Well done on recovering so well from your op and an extra big well done on your recovery and refeed and LOSS woo hoo!

Hopefully you've laid your fears about post LP refeed etc to rest! Big up!!

Re breakfast - how about porridge with or without berries added in. The OSS sachets are so easy and u can do with water instead of milk! Re blandness, ur palette is still cleansed so now is an ideal time to start using them! I love em... Ps. U cud use flavoured ones, they're not bad - I just am happy with the original flavoured ones!


Sensibly losing :)
Thanks girlies!! :)

Eggs I can do every now and again but only if I am not leaving the house as they can kick start my IBS!! (sorry way tmi!!).. how they are cooked can affect things but I tend to steer clear for the most part for fear of getting caught out! LOL! I LOVE OSS!!!!! I really really like it with milk but the belly doesnt and I have never tried porridge with water... will buy some tmw and give it a go. Sadly, the ol' pallate isnt cleansed as I was never a good enough girl to stop eating!! *oops*... I still have similar tastes as before but now I am away from LT for the most part I am able too control it all which is great. I am another lb down this morning too and I just managed to shoe horn myself in to a size 12 skirt that I was given.. I never ever was able to wear a size 12, even when I was 9!!!! Peel me off the ceiling!! LOL!... I am not there in my other bottoms, i am under no illusion...! I am still wearing 14s & even some 16s depending on cut as I have a fat butt and stubborn thighs.. as I lost weight I boil washed my clothes (sad i know but one wage right now and 3 kids means I am saving up to splash the cash on stuff I can keep when I am slim enough to want to!!!) on 100degrees so some of the 16s are still fitting me now, but they do get baggy quickly!! Like my jeans...They need washing after every single wear even if for a couple of hours and a nice hot tumble dry!!! LOL! ....
Measured my back last night and I have lost 12 inches purely in that area alone!!
All the time thw scales are moving downor remaining the same I have decided to stay away from tfr and similar diets and just continue on with what I am doing now as its more of a life change that I can maintain, as opposed to a quick fix that leaves me with 'issues'...!!

And lastly, now I have made my decision I am going to read through this part of the forum tonight, put names to faces and try to get to know you all so I can start joining in more if thats ok!!!! I still feel like i Need somewhere to talk thru any food probs and keep me on track and this place is bloody ACE!! :D

Have a lovely day all! :) xx


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:) When I woke in recovery the nurses were all talking to me about LT and writing the name of it down!! Had a chat for about an hour or so with all of the details while I was there and they were all very keen!!! Also sold the idea to a girl in the opposite bed to me LOL!!!! Commission wouldbe great hey!!

Hey I know what you are saying here. I am so excited by this diet, I feel like going up to some huge people and tell them about this diet. I think I will be doing them a favour but ...:D


maintaining since June'09
Be nice to see you around more :)

Well done on that 12. I think you're very wise sticking to healthy eating rather than more 'products'. It's what we're all going to have to do in the end xx

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