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Finished Refeed. Starting Maintenance for Weightloss

Hi everyone.

well, I went for my refeed week weigh in and have gained 2lbs! I'm pretty happy about that. I've spoken to the pharmacy staff about using the maintenance for weighloss and they've said pretty much to follow day one or 2 of refeed week using maintenance products and if there are days when I can replace 3 meals instead of 2 that its ok but I can also have a little bit of flexibility.

I dont want to undo all the good I've done these past few weeks and I'm planning on going back on the TFR in the New Year so I'd like to stay on here and keep posting. I really regret coming off the TFR last week as I've said in an earlier thread so trying to stay on the straight and narrow from now till New Year. Only 6 weeks to go. Hopefully I'll not be 16st 1lb next time I start lipotrim TFR!

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Delly, did they explain the refeed to you properly! The reason I ask is that I've read the instructions thoroughly but what I don't understand is that if your liver refills with glycogen and that holds, I think, 4lbs of water for every lb of glycogen....what difference does it make introducing carbs slowly? Surely at some point you will have replenished your glycogen stores and thus be retaining the water?...I'm obviously missing something?!

I've been refeeding but haven't had any carbs yet just protein, oh I tell a lie, I had a couple of glasses of wine the weekend before last!

You might find now that you simply aren't interested in eating just cos you can doesn't mean that you have to! I think you'll do just fine xxx
oh dear, not too sure if I like maintenance. I've only tried the Orange creme shake and it's like eating a quality street orange cream.. Dont get me wrong, it's ok but not at 8 am!

Sandra, yes they did explain the refeed to me. I honestly didnt know myself how the whole thing works or why to reintroduce carbs slowly. The staff did explain that the 2lbs was probably glycogen.

Anyway, I'm still dithering and wavering about what way to go forward from here. I'm moving back into my parents at the end of January and there's food in the freezer that needs to be used up. ARRRRGGG. Stress and dieting just do not go together at all!
Urgh, couldn't eat an orange cream at any time of the day......

Been doing more reading on the refeeding and still can't make head nor tail of it....so I'm carrying on doing it my way! Today I had shakes for breakfast and lunch cos I just couldn't be arsed to make a salad for lunch! Doesn't LT make you lazy? Tonight I had a chicken breast and a lovely salad with three kinds of lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber, red pepper, beetroot and celery all topped off with a balsamic dressing. I've just had a 40 cal hot choc with a splash of milk for 'pudding'.

Tomorrow I'm going to have an instant porridge for breakfast but that will probably be all the carbs that I have for the day, finding it a bit scary on the carbs front TBH.

Are you determined to carry on losing using the maintenance products? Don't think that I could handle them......what is the point of trying to eat sensibly if the LT products are sooooo sweet? Doesn't make much sense to me but then again a lot of LT's rules don't make sense either and they haven't evolved at all since I last did the diet in 1997!

Dare I ask what's in the freezer?
Sandra, I really would like to use the maintenance products to lose weight but they are extremely sweet and as much as I enjoy sweet things, they're a bit much so I'm wavering. But Lipotrim does definitley make you extremely lazy! Half the time I wouldnt be bothered to make anything to eat. A shake was just so handy!

Freezer is full of frozen veggies, chicken breasts, a bag of oven chips and some meat. Also some stew and soup for DS.. emergency dinners for when I was doing tfr. I do need some form of control so I'm considering starting to do the WW points plan to keep me on track

I am a TYPICAL libra.. I can't make a decision to save my life!
Check the thread that I've started on the maintenance forum......it's looking like WW for me too. Contents of the freezer sounds pretty sensible Del, it would certainly work with WW!
Hi Sandra.

Thanks for that. I had tried the rest of the Lipotrim maintenance products and there is NO way I'll be able to follow a mainteance for weightloss programme. The summer fruits shake is lovely but very thick. the veggie soup.. ? BLEUGH. You're much better off with the tasteless chicken soup and bland shakes. Trust me!

So it's looking like Weight watchers again for me after all. I'm really happy with the weight I've lost on Lipotrim so far but I think now I'll be happy with 1 to 2lbs per week from now on. So I'll be hopping over to the WW forum. but may pop in now and again to see how you are all doing.

Good luck folks!

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