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Fiona's diary

Nearly five weeks in, :eek: so thought it was about time I started a diary!
Can't believe just how fast the time has gone, thanks to all the support and advice I've had on here, its flown by.
5th weigh in tomorrow, not sure if it will be a good one, have a few toilet troubles at the mo and feeling very bloated. Dulcolax tonight, so got the big guns out, just hope it works!
The good news so far is that up to last week I had lost 2 stone 2lbs. Never thought that was possible in just four weeks. Eight inches gone from my hips forever, 7 from my waist, and 6 off my bust.
The stupid nightie hubby bought that started this all off is now too big, he came home tonight with a slinky red thing in a size 14 (something for me (i.e. him!) to look forward to!)
Still hovering just above a size 18 at the mo, so he'd better be patient. Down from 24/26 so quite happy though. :D
Lipotrim has been good to me so far. Have had a few down days, but I can honestly say I feel better and slimmer than I have in years. Saw a photo on my phone my little girl took a week before I started, and one she took two weeks ago. I almost didn't recognise myself! If I can just figure out how to get them onto computer, I'll put them on my profile. If that's the difference three weeks can make, roll on three months!
I'm here for the long haul, still have over 6 stone to lose, but at least this time it feels possible.
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Hi Fiona /Glam Rock Chick (Cool name).

I am also in this for the long haul. I'm just at the beginning but I am determined to shed 8 stone. No turning back this time. No attempts or failures or trys. This is it. Oh Dear. That the catchphrase Michael Jackson was using just before he died! Better watch my back!



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Hi Fiona
Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.Hope the dulcolax works for you.
You have done really well.Wow shrinking as we speak.I would like to thank you for being so supportive when I started LT,It helped keep me on track.
Take care
Keep up the great weight loss.
Week 5 done and dusted, another 4lbs off. Was a tiny bit disappointed, but I knew it was going to slow up sometime. If I can lose 4lbs a week for the rest of my time on LT, I will be very happy.
Had a rotten day today. Not LT wise, thats fine, but have major problems with our little girl. She came home from our childminder on Friday really upset because she had had an accident in her pants. We've had mega problems getting her to do a poo anywhere except in her pants, but for the last three months she has been fine.
Anyway, had day off today so thought I would spend some time with her. After lunch, she announced she didn't want to go back to the childminder anymore. I thought it was just because she was upset about her accident, she's had loads more over the weekend, so we're back to where we started. Then she said the childminders son is touching her bottom! Apparently she had the accident because he pushed her off the toilet while she was trying to go, then pushed her down the stairs.
Waiting to see our GP tomorrow to see if she has been abused ( God I hate that word) and am tryng to stop myself and hubby from beating the childminder and her son into a pulp. Poor little angel, I can hardly bear to think about it. I'm hoping that nothing has happened to her, but there's a doubt in my mind now and I can't rest until I know the truth.
Trying to decide what to do about work, have taken some time off until this has been sorted, but I don't think I will be able to trust anyone else with her ever again. Just got my dream job, too! I can't afford not to work, so will have to get a night job so I can be here with her during the day.
Sorry this is a rant, but have to get this off my chest!
Hi Fiona,

Well done in not giving up on LT while you are having a hard time in your life. I hope that your visit to the GP will end in a good response and that your little girl is ok.
Thinking of you and your little girl
All the best
Ann x x


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Awww Fiona I feel for you and your little girl.Its really bad when you trust another person to take care of your child and that trust is betrayed.
It might be worth speaking to your Health visitor for support after you have seen the GP.
Take care hun.
I will be thinking about you and praying your little girl hasnt been abused.
Stay strong
Hi Fiona
You are amazing doing so well 34lbs in 5 weeks is fab! and 13% of your body weight gone forever!!! woo hoo

How did it go with the Dulcolax? I'm trying Dulcoease which seems to be working, but would like to have some movement before weigh in day!!!

Can't believe whats been happening with your daughter. Hugs to you and hubby. Makes me sick! Hope you are getting it sorted and your daughter isn't too traumatised. Poor little thing.

Emma x
Hi all, been a bit busy last couple of days! Some brilliant news- it looks like Megs is fine and nothing horrendous has happened to her. Unless you count being pushed off the toilet while she was trying to go and pushed down the stairs afterwards! :mad: Seems like the poor little lamb was so scared to go back there she would have said anything to stay home. I've always tried to warn her that if anyone does anything nasty to her, she should tell me right away, and she did. Saw a fantastic support worker today who really clicked with Megs and managed to get the whole story from her. So hopefully no lasting damage has been done. She is really keen to go to another childminder in the same village who looks after her best friend, so she's going there next week for a few hours to see how she gets on.
Back to LT matters, I'm now the lightest I have been for 12 years! :) Still going fine, Dulcolax is now my new best friend, although I find if I take it after 3pm I'm up all night on the loo! Can't believe its almost the end of week 6, it has become second nature to me now, and although I still think about food and remember how things used to taste, it doesn't bother me not eating.
I think the hardest part for me will be once I do start to eat again, it will be easy to slip back into old habits and start putting the weight back on. Have bought some healthy eating cookbooks and am experimenting on Megs and John now so hopefully we will all be eating properly in future.


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Hi Fiona
that is really good news aboyt meg. I hope she is happier with her new childminder.
You are doing amazing 6 weeks well done.I am struggling abit and im only on week 3.
Take care and Hugs to Megs
Hi all, been so busy this week haven't been on much. Missed last weeks weigh in, so have a two week one on Friday hopefully. Not too optimistic as haven't had a very good week, hubby and I have had a few problems and I did eat a bit a couple of days. :eek: Really fed up with myself afterwards, and been back to 100% for two days now, but think the damage might have been done. Even if I have stayed the same, I'll be happy, as long as I haven't put too much on!
Did get a size 18 pair of trousers today, quite pleased with that as my size 24s were getting tight before I started LT.
Hopefully have got this little blip out of my system (Don't even know why I ate, wasn't hungry at all) and can stay 100% from now on.
Hope everyone else is doing fine :D


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Hi Fiona
Put it behind you and dont beat yourself up.We are all human.You have come a long way in 7 weeks.Size 18 wow.So just be 100% and drink loads of water and you might be suprised on Friday when you get on the scales.
Take care and look after yourself.
Thanks Cathy, its been a better day again today. Had a compliment (my boss's father, who is 75!) on how I'm looking, so that helped as well.
Just really angry with myself because I haven't found this hard at all up to now, but eating really did mess up my head. Really have to think about not eating, which is a pain, and I only ate a tiny bit of chicken both days!
Still ,have realised that I am well on the way to being the lightest I have been since 1996 when I graduated. The thought of rolling the clock back those 14 years is very appealing!
Hope you are doing OK :D
End of week 8 already! Now down by 43 lbs so far, lost 9 lbs in the last two weeks, so I'm delighted with that as it was TOTM and I had a little blip.
Very glad I didn't give this up, so thanks to everyone for the encouragement, it really helped. Thankfully my head is in the right place again now, and its nice and easy again.
I can really see and feel a difference in myself, I have much more confidence already and there's still a long way to go.
Bought some size 16 pants to aim for, and they fit! They are very stretchy, so I won't be getting into size 16 trousers for a while, but it felt good all the same.
Have decided I want to do something a bit out of the ordinary when I get to target, not sure whether to do a sky dive for charity or have a go at the London Marathon next year. Plenty of time ( and at least 5 stone) to go before I decide.
Just wanted to say hi! You are doing so well! Keep it up and those 16's will be fitting great in no time!
Emma x


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Well done Fiona
You are doing so well

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