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**Firming up Friday** Hour-by-Hour!


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Morning ladies.

I know its a little early to be starting this today (currently 3:45am) but the tonsils are still being mean to me and I can't sleep. H2b decided I was annoying him with my tossing and turning and he has to be up at 5:30 so I decided to grab my laptop and head to the spare room. Anything to keep away from the kitchen... being ill and bored is a vicious combination.

Hopefully I'll get back to bed in a while cause my daughter has a few friends coming round for tea later and it'll drive me insane if I've tired. Please pray for sunshine so I can stick them out in the playhouse and not have to entertain them ;)

Was 100% today, or yesterday, whatever you want to call it except for the teeny tiniest crumb of one of the cupcakes Imogen made at school. I wouldn't of even had that, but she was upset cause she thought I didn't like them. Also drank as much as my tonsils would allow, so I think I just about made the 2.25litres I need. Then went to bed quite early as the dreaded 'almost in ketosis' headache kicked in.

Can't wait to hear from all you other losers (and I mean that in the nicest possible way....)
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I am starting today. Few previous days I have had neurelgia in my jaw (very painful). The doctors have given me painkillers for it. They dont actually work and a side affect is they are making me feel rather sick and wobbly. I did say I would be in work today, but the way I am feeling I shall be sick as soon as I get out of bed.

I am hoping that by having this sickness wont affect my attempts at CD. I saw a councillor last night and she was very helpful/informative and very friendly. I have already arranged a second meeting - which I am going to attend having lost several pounds!


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morning all, heres to a cheat free day.

Shelz when I had neurelgia the only thing that touched the pain was Anadin, (I tried everything else but they didn't work)
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oh gosh everyone is poorly - big hugs to you all to feel better soon and the tablets kick in for all of you!!!! theres nothing worse than being ill - but ill and on the first few days of CD I cant think of anything worse!!!!!!!!!!!

heres to another 100% day and luckily it wont cost me as much as yesterday with my £250 holiday clothes bill as Im in work!

have lost 1.4 this morning since yesterday so very pleased with myself as it puts me as losing 4st adn half a pound - YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE:D:D:D:D:D:D

have a good day everyone - will be back later after work


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Morning all.
The sun is shining here in London Lisa I will send some sunshine over to you if you dont already have it.. Poor you hon hope you are feeling a bit better when you get up.. Hope the girls have a lovely time with there friends..

Shelz big hugs hope the tablets help you and dont make you sick..

Trish heres to a great day ahead.

Well my boys are a nightmare at the moment sleeping so we are up all hours..... URGHHHHH.... DH isnt very happy as he needs his sleep badly......

I am still on a high buying my size 12 jeans from River Island yesterday..... going of to DH shop this morning to take some flat shoes (which I hate wearing) for Euro disney..............

Hope everyone has a fab 100% friday ready for the bank holiday weekened. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ...



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Morning Jess..........
yayyyyyyyyy for getting loads of holiday clothes........... I bet you were so excited when you were trying them all on ...
I cant stop buying clothes I have a problem.. lol Love it..
Have a fab day hon.. hope work is ok..

JESS ....... wow OVER 4 STONE!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyy Im so happy for you!!! thats fab.................. yippppppppppppppppppppeee Well done you xxxxxxxxxxx


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hi Lisa , I see its your restart , how long did you take out from CD
and how are you doing today its day 3 for you today are you feeling a little headachy ?
Hope your keep up with your water , not like me yesterday I have the head from hell ouch hehe


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Hiya again ladies.

Good news- I managed a few more hours sleep since the last post. Bad news- it is STILL tipping it down with rain. Its been horrid for a good few weeks here except a little break in the rain yesterday. I was really hoping that summer was on its way. Half term next week is going to involve lots of visits to the indoor play centre if the weather continues, although I don't mind so much cause adults are allowed on and I always feel like I've had a great workout after a couple of hours of running round after the kids.

MrsJMC, I had just over a week off the diet, my GP took me off while I was ill with the advice to keep it low carb. I blew it though and ate every bad thing you could imagine, comfort eating is so bad. 8lbs up in a fortnight! I thought I was better, but the tonsils are being horrid to me again. I tend to have really bad reactions to anti-biotics which is one of the reasons my GP took me off CD, I'm just praying they don't get bad enough to need them again. Decided a re-start with a fresher, more positive view was the way to go. Not feeling too bad with the headaches, I had a really really bad one last night though. My breath stinks.... surely I'm not back in ketosis already? 5.5lbs off yesterday morning, but I can't weigh myself today as the scales seem to have died and the Wiifit is more than unreliable. So I'll have to wait and see how much I've lost at WI on Wednesday!


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Poor Lisa, gutted you feeling still poorly.

I remember taking home Home Economics project and getting really huffy if mum wouldn't eat them, but they really were terrible! I'm sure your daughters cakes weren't though

Up a bit earlier today, and then out to meet mum for lunch. Didn't bother weighing in today as weigh in tomorrow.

Going to try a non scale week next week and see how I get on.

Have a good day ladies!

Note to self - take anti hayfever tablet.


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Morning all

Sorry to hear of all the sickness around, thankfully the bugs haven't found their way down to Hampshire...yet. Hope you all feel better and the sunshine gets to all part of the UK - it is beautiful here...sorry Lisa!

Pleased this morning to have fitted in to some size 20 trousers that I bought 2 years ago and have never managed to squeeze into! It is still a bit of a squeeze but they are on!! Trouble is, I am so used to wearing baggy clothes that anything fitted now feels too small!

Day at work for me today then it is half term...yeeha! Just love working in a school. Only down side is that whenever i am on holiday, so are the children!! LOL!

Still liking what is on the scales but real weigh day is tomorrow so will have to be patient!

Have a good day everyone...

Morning everyone,
It is sunny here at the moment too which is unusual!
Hope you feel better soon Lisa & Shelz,
Curly, am just off to the post office after the school run :)
MrsJMC hope your headache resolves soon (I hated that headache!)
Jessica & Curly, I envy you your holiday clothes as we are not goign away this year, but at least it means by next year I will be in skinny skinny clothes:)
Mornign Lexie, Trisha...
Hope you all have a great day today...

I am hoping to have a busy day again today...



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Morning all,

Good luck on your first Day Shelz! Hope you feel better soon too.

Lisa and MsJMC - hope you both are fighting fit again soon!

Well done on the size 20 Ibiza! And what a great way to spend the day yesterday Jess - bet you can't wait to get on holiday and show off that new bod in those fab clothes!!

Curly, Lexie, Tilly - have a lovely sunny day!

Speak to less of you all later!

T :D


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Good morning everyone. Jess - 4 stone wooowwww, thats brill. Everyone seems to be feeling a little groggy this morning. I'm ok healthwise, but my daughter is driving me mmmmmmmaaaaaaaadddd. She is 17 going on 27 and knows everything!! She is the reason I had the Cherry Bakewell in my hand, and almost my mouth, last night. You know when you get yourself all stressed out? Well, the first thing I do is turn to food. Good job I didn't or I'd be feeling really terrible this morning. I am only off work on Monday and not all week next week so don't have to cope with half terms anymore - so here's to a good long 100% weekend. Hope you all feel better soon.


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good morning ladies, I thought I 'll pop in before my dental check up. Sorry to hear so many are feeling unwell hope it will ease soon for you.
Jessica 4 STONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How blindingly fabulous is that? and Curly you so deserve to still be ona high after buying your size 12 jeans:D
Shelz I hope your first day will go smoothly I found I was really excited and before I knew it it was finished, good luck.
Sarah smaller clothes to get in is always a bust and lucky you for having a holiday this week Enjoy it!!!
Lexie did you remember the hayfever tab?:)
I have my first WI tonight then I am out with the girls at a local club, but I don't normally drink and I am driving so I should be just fine. have a gREAT and a 100% fabaroonie DAY you all !!!!!


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Hi lisa , yes my GP took me off CD cos blood tests , its hard when you are doing well and they do that , I too eat loads of stuff I think cos we know we have an excuse to come off we do it lol .
Hope you feel better soon .
Yes Hald term , not so bad as its a bank holiday too , so just 4 days to kill lol . Its sunny here in hertfordshire , sending you some down Lisa .
You could be getting into K now its usaly 2 days and your carb store has run out , check if you have the sticks ...


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st4lb(1.48%)
Wow! My Wiifit is showing me with a massive 9lb loss in 2 days- I love that initial whoooosh of lost water weight. I'm not going to go by it too much though, it can really be all over the place. Does anyone else with a Wiifit find that? I also never know how much to put in that my clothes weight. Anyways, whether it is accurate or not, it has really spurred me on. I'm feeling pretty blooming good!

How long did you have to come off for for the blood test MrsJMC? How've you managed getting back on track?


Strong women stay slim
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hi lisa , I want that wiifit lol

I think in all was 2 weeks , but god it really gives you an easy root out and you say i can eat now . I know alot of doctors don't like vlcd so you sort of know whats coming when you tell them what you are doing , I guess its better than having joint probs cos we are over weight lol!
But I have had other probs to deal with too so my head has not really been where it should be but i'm incontrol now and I do have days where I feel a little unwell but I think its ok its just a day i'll be ok the next .
Lets hope your throat clears up !


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Just checking in everyone. Very busy these days. Feeling weak with a heavy heavy totm. Hope WI wont be too bad tomorrow for me.

Well done Jess! 4 stone is great. Im nearing the 3 stone mark and feeling pleased with myself(why not). got my first compliment yesterday, wearing my size 16 jeans must have helped people notice!! Its not that Im looking for it but one or two nice comments really spurr you on. Have a great day all. 100%


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Morning everyone

Day 3 of my restart, so far so good. Yesterday wasn't great, I had real hunger pangs, took some doing to stay out of the fridge, I spent most of the day upstairs, cos that's well away from the kitchen.

Just been speaking to Nicky (sis and CDC) on msn and said I wasn't hungry this morning, but I spoke too soon, it kicked in as soon as I said it. Also I feel a bit lightheaded this morning, but want to save packs for at least another hour, easier to spread them if I start about midday.

The plan today, while K is at school, spend time upstairs again, I get my willpower back when he gets home. So going to get on with my games on facebook and keep drinking.


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hey there everyone. sorry i haven't been around. i have been feeling so tired and ill and drained it's been untrue. and adding the exercise my cdc recommended just made me feel worse rather than kick-starting my metabolism. so we have agreed that i should move up onto the 1000 plan from today. i will continue to exercise, but hopefully it will help with my utter lack of sleep and raise my energy levels a little bit, plus help me deal with my terror of eating again!!

i can feel a very bad evening occurring in my future. but i'm not going to panic about it. if i eat badly later i will consider it a 'getting it out of my system' and move on from there. and if i manage to resist it (it's the opportunity to eat carbs and come out of ketosis that does it!!) then i'll just feel smug.

i'm a bit worried about being in control of what i put in my mouth again. but i can't afford to gain before the wedding.

am hoping that the extra exercise will help tone away the hip fat that won't shift on cd. i've had such terrible losses the last few weeks i really can't justify the cost, the feeling hungover all the time and the lack of sleep when i'm so close to getting married and have so many other things to organise and stress about, ha.

so. there we go. i feel a bit like i'm giving up but at the same time i don't want to put my health at risk and i was starting to feel thoroughly unhealthy. not that i think cd is. i just think my body had had enough for the moment.

abz xx

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