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  1. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Hi (to anyone out there who happens to be reading!)

    I have decided to finally start a diary after hiding in the shadows for a number of months. I have tried numerous diets in the past with success in some not in others, but always, slowly but surely end up back where I started!

    I have always been able to stay focused when it comes to exercise and enjoy going to the gym 3-4 times a week but have always had issues with food...well since I was about 16, this has unfortunately ended up in periods of binge eating which understandably are really disheartening and proof that what I am doing with my diet is clearly not right. I have decided its now time to start doing things properly which means slow and steady, its not a race and if it is I have already wasted a good 10 or so years going round in circles!!

    I have been reading up on TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) based on calculations my maintenance calories is 2091 so a suggested 15% reduction would be 1777 giving me a steady weightloss! So this is what I am going to do, I am going to post my calorie intake for each day for the next 6 weeks or so (no weighing!) and see how I get on! 1777 sounds like ALOT of calories to me based on some restrictive diets I have been on in the past so I am hoping this is more manageable and also may but a halt on the binges or at least reduce them!

    Starting weight is 154lbs, would ideally like to be down at 140lbs in however long it takes!

    Would love to hear from anyway else who has tried the similar slow and steady method! :)
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  3. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Hmmm I seem to have managed to post 2 diaries!! This was the original so sticking with this one :) Let the calorie counting commence!
  4. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    So Day 1 done :), made sure I got as close as I could to 1770 and also tried to get as close as I could to the suggested breakdown of carbs, proteins and fats that goes alongside it, which was approx. 200g carbs, 145g protein and 45g fat. So I am going to track this aswell, it will be more tricky than just cals but will be interesting to see if it helps things along. So........

    Day 1 (MFP)

    Calories: 1750
    Carbs: 173g
    Protein: 106g
    Fat: 70g (24g sat)

    Surprising how difficult it is to eat 150g protein!! Doesn't sound like much but I struggled to get to that today. Exercise went as planned:

    Gym classes (Bodypump & Step)
  5. sewsmaller

    sewsmaller Member

    Hi there
    I'm here to sub if that's ok?
    I'm using MFP too, but have to work out how many calories I'm going to have first. I don't think I'll get anything like as many as you have, but I'm a bit of a couch potato lol.
  6. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I have enough with counting calories without tracking all the other stuff. I used to use MFP but kept forgetting so only look now when I want calorie values. :)
  7. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Hi Sewsmaller

    That's fine :) I am new to MM so cant subscribe to any threads yet boo! Yeah I like MFP usually enter everything on the phone app but found doing it on the laptop gives you much more features, like importing recipe links etc. saves a lot of time!

    Like I mentioned above I am trying to do this reeeeally slowly so eating 1770 is only going to give me a 1lb loss a week max! So will depend how quick you want to lose I guess!

    Look forward to hearing how you are getting on!!
  8. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Haha I know what you mean, I doubt I am going to be very good at sticking to the right carbs/protein/fat amounts too, need to get calories right first - thought it might be interesting to track though! :)
  9. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Right Day 2 done, as I finish off my cuppa :)

    Day 2 (MFP)

    Calories: 1747
    Carbs: 203g
    Protein: 117g
    Fat: 63g (39g sat)

    Spinning (am)
  10. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Is this because you do not have 50 posts yet. If so go to Chit Chat and do some of the games there - it will not take long to get your post number up.
  11. sewsmaller

    sewsmaller Member

    Well done on day 2 :)
    I'm only going to watch the calories, I'd get too confused trying to get everything else right too.
    Have a good day
  12. Lady_Amalthea

    Lady_Amalthea Looking for Slimville!

    Haha, I just posted in your other, accidental diary *oops*

    How are you doing today? :)
  13. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Hi Lady_Amalthea!

    Haha I know not sure how I managed to post 2 diaries!! And apparently I cant delete it myself I need to get the administrators to do it? - should really get round to that!

    All went well today, just about to post my cals! Keen to start catching up on other peoples diaries too - looks like you have had some pretty good success so far!
  14. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Day 3 done and dusted :)

    Day 3 (MFP)

    Calories: 1739
    Carbs: 172g
    Protein: 129g
    Fat: 57g (22g sat)

    Rest day
  15. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Day 4 boxed off - sightly over today which is strange cause I didnt feel like I had as much food as I have on previous days - also fab workout at the gym - think I am about ready for bed!! Ha

    Day 4

    Calories: 1784
    Carbs: 135g
    Protein: 108g
    Fat: 90g (30g sat)

    Gym (step + body pump)
  16. sewsmaller

    sewsmaller Member

    Go girl!
    You're showing me up - I need to pull my socks up!
  17. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Ah I don't know about that I am only on Day 5 - weekends are where it gets really tough for me - just trying to plan everything so I have some little treats to keep me on track but not go overboard!!

    Seems m&s like you had everything planned for today too looking at your diary - hope you have had a good one! :)
  18. sewsmaller

    sewsmaller Member

  19. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Day 5 done - managed to fit a glass of wine in the sun into my calories so a little treat to keep me going. Totals for the day:

    Day 5

    Calories: 1758
    Carbs: 155g
    Sugar: 21g
    Protein: 129g
    Fat: 59g (26g sat)


    Rest day

    Added sugar as another item to track, I am not anti-carb but I am a bit anti-sugar so the lower the better!
  20. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    So nearly at the end of my first week and so far so good!! Today was a bit more carb filled but that was kind of planned as for some reason the past couple of Fridays have unfortunately resulted in some mini binges, not horrendous but definitely waaaay over maintenance cals so just wanted to make sure today was at cal target regardless of what it was made up with in terms carbs, fats etc.

    On a Friday I go to the gym before work and I think learning from the past few weeks is that if I don't eat enough during the day my hunger just builds up so I get in on a Friday night with massive cravings and if the chance arises this will likely end up in a binge so managed to plan a bit better today.

    Tomorrow is slightly more tricky as I am off out for lunch which will almost certainly involve wine and will also be difficult to track so going to do my best. Light breakfast then make lunch my main meal and light snack in the night then straight back on on Sunday (with a gym visit to get me back on track!)

    Day 6

    Calories: 1721
    Carbs: 255g
    Sugar: 43g
    Protein: 91g
    Fat: 45g (9g sat)

    Body pump class (pre-work)

    Also i have noticed on a few other diaries people have avoided weighing which is my intention too however the temptation is creeping in!! Determined not to tho as it may throw me off track if I have STS and the main thing is developing a healthier more sustainable attitude to food (that was my little self pep talk!)

    Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday :)
  21. *skinnyme*

    *skinnyme* Member

    Right, as predicted I have had wine and made some questionable meal choices today BUT it has not ended up in a binge and I feel sober enough to be able to hit the gym in the morning and get right back on track so I am taking that as a positive. Was tricky to track today so not posting carbs, protein etc as I am pretty sure they are wrong as they seem far too low for the amount of tasty food I had!! So instead posting menu so if anyone thinks I have been to generous/harsh with calorie prediction let me know (I did use info on MFP - how right it is though I don't know?!)

    Total cals: 2517

    Breakfast: Boiled egg on wholemeal toast w/ reduced sugar ketchup + tea

    Lunch: None (preparing for the food onslaught!)

    Dinner: (Jamie's Italian)
    - Main: Meatballs + polenta chips
    - Dessert: Epic Brownie (and yes it was epic!!)
    - Drinks: 4 glasses of white wine

    Now drinking a very virtuous sparkling water :) and getting my gym bag ready!!!

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