first CD day in


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well that my first day over, managed quite well untill tea time when i was a wee bit ravenous!
i think that was only because i knew i had a wee dinner to look forward to tho.

emailed my CDC and she said ive to have the 3 packs and a meal per day and this has suited me fine. hope i still have a big loss this week tho, i should do considering what im used to eating compared to what ive got for the next 6 days!

hope you are all well
ps ann - cant stop looking at your trouser pictures, they are MY trousers!! youve done fabby!
I was going to put them on e bay today, as I've put some other clothes on - but I think I'll hang on to them and the rest of that outfit, just to remind me. I couldn't even show you the bra & knickers!
You wait, you'll soon be holding YOUR trousers up for a photo.
Ann x
Hi Ann and all wemitts
Got back on the wagon this week , ive stayed the same for the passed 3 weeks but really got back on it this week and lost another 4.5lb so ive hit a new number on the scales this week and really pleased with myself.
I wish I could make the meet on saturday but unfortunately I cant as money is tight at the moment . it would be nice to see other wemitts but perhaps after christmas at the nx one I will try my hardest to get there.
Hope everyone is good talk again soon. Tinaxx.

WEll done Lizzie, you are doing so well to get throught the first day!
How are you feeling today???
Well done Lizzie for getting through day 1.What plan are u doing are u dong 790 !!
The first week is always the hardest just remeber to drink water, water and water as its such a vital part of the diet and will help u through the first week !!
Take care and have a good day xx

thanks for that roch, its so great to such lots of encouragement, its whats got me this far!

im doing 1000cal but the way my cdc told me was to have 3 shakes and 1 meal so im having a meal from step 3a its a great help to have a meal to look forward to in the evening, im really enjoying it so far and feel soooooooooo happy! hope it lasts!
have a great weekend xx
WEll done Lizzie, you are doing so well to get throught the first day!
How are you feeling today???

im now into my 3rd day and i couldnt be happier! i read hte CD pack and it stated im getting 100% of my vitamin b6 that i need but ive also been taking my B6 supplement (happy hormone!) so im feeling like im floating on happiness!! think i may need to cut down as im grinning like a cheshire cat all the time hehehehe maybe not a bad thing tho!

im finding the cd plan quite good, im glugging down my water (with spring water for a 'treat'!) and enjoying black earl grey tea with sweetners, it amazing how your taste buds change when they have to! roll on wednesday when i get weighedwoohoooo!!!

have a great weekend xx