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Attack First day!!! How does it look?

Hi all,

According to the Dukan website I have three days of attack to do and this is day one.

Breakfast - 300mls of water, 2 boiled eggs, coffee with skimmed milk.

Lunch - Grilled chicken marinaded in fresh lime and chillies, Gallette made with yogurt and cinnamon and 300 mls of water.

Dinner - Smoked salmon pate (smoked salmon fillet, quark, fat free cottage cheese, lime juice and chillies) and steak with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Snacks of fat free yogurt and diet coke, water, water and more water.

So excited....

Sorry guys, thought this was in the menus thread
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Just keep swimming...
Morning! Your menu looks delish. Might steal a few ideas...

Day 1 for me too. Have weighed and measured (sob) and am off to have boiled eggs for breakfast too.

Then need to write my menus for the 4 days I need to be on attack and am hitting the shops.

Exercise will be frantic housework - this place is like a tip after the weekend!


Just keep swimming...
Have ordered the recipe book so hopefully will gain some inspiration from that! Will have a browse through the recipes on here in the meantime.

Starving - need to get those eggs on!


Just keep swimming...
Ooooh forgot I had bought mackerel - going to have some of that with the eggs!

Am a bit worried about starting Dukan tbh. Have tried absolutely every diet in the world (no exaggeration) and didn't get on too well with Atkins. But when I think about it it was because having all the cream and fat made me feel sick so I gave it up. With this being low fat I will hopefully get on better. Have to do it this time.
This plan makes sense to me. I can see how it works so I am hoping that will help.

I have lost a stone and a half since my baby was born four months ago with slimming world but I got stuck. Their red days are pretty much PV days so I think I can stick to this.

I need to get rid of my mummy tummy - it is horrible.

I am sure that if you perevere then you can do this x


Just keep swimming...
That's true. Anything works if you stick to it doesn't it? My biggest problem is keeping it off and think I might be able to on this.

Really enjoyed my brekkie of eggs and mackerel. Drinking water whilst whizzing round doing the housework.

Had yet another huge argument with oldest daughter so the stress of that should have burned off a few more cals lol.

Off shopping in a little while.


Just keep swimming...
Btw well done on losing a stone and a half in the last 4 months : O That's amazing! You must have a steely determination so can't see why you won't lose your last few pounds on Dukan.

My books have arrived yeehaa! Only ordered them on Friday from Amazon so very very pleased with the speedy delivery. This afternoon will be spent devouring them! (Not literally - am sure they won't be on the 'approved foods list'... )


** Chief WITCH **
good luck to the pair of you.

STMcalee - you're not breastfeeding, are you?
No i am not breastfeeding. DD wasn't into it at all

Wheest checked and the books are definately not on the approved foods, neither is head of daughter (or son in my case)!


Just keep swimming...
:8855: That's unfortunate!!

Thanks maintainer :)

Well I have been trailing around trying to find oatbran. Absolutely none to be had anywhere :confused: Holland and Barrett say they won't have it in until September at the earliest.

So have had to order online and will have to do without until it arrives. What a nuisance!
I had the same problem with oatbran. I have got oatbran with oat germ as it was the closest I could find.

Will order oatbran online. Where did you find it?

Your menu today looks yummy.

I had my eggs and then chicken for lunch. Justr made the gallette and it was yummy. Not unlike a scotch pancake in texture.


Just keep swimming...
Oh and the crab sticks I got from Tesco were absolutely revolting. Really sweet! Checked the label and they had sugar in them!!!!!

Chucked them in the bin as no-one else here will eat them. What a waste! You live and learn eh?


** Chief WITCH **
Oatgerm isn't ok, so best do without until you can get hold of oatbran. Crabsticks do have "sugar" in, which is why they're restricted to eight maximum per day (and best keep them for an emergency, rather than building a meal around them.)
oh and cottage cheese needs to be the lowest lowest fat possible, particularly in attack. Tesco value range is low.

Thanks Maintainer!

I have just ordered some oatbran so hopefully it will be here in a couple of days.

I love seafood but hate crabsticks so that won't be a problem for me.

Have you got a Morrison's close by? Their seafood is always good.


** Chief WITCH **
not me... I'm in la Belle France :)
Just wanted to say hi and good luck, am another day 1 student and made the drastic mistake of leaving my prepared food on the kitchen counter whilst I went to work, so my menu so far is

Brekkie. Coffee with skimmed milk. ( the two hard boiled eggs at home) so nothing

Lunch. Water and a packet of roast chicken breast from Tesco garage, skinless

Snack, yoghurt. ( the right kind) and oat bran

Dinner.....steamed chicken I think or poss tuna

The oat bran was hiding next to the porridge oats in said supermarket, even when I asked they denied having it so do a double check. Might try band make the famous gallette later!!

Could do with buddies as I have 3+ stone to lose!!!

Dolly :)
I am so looking forward to your posts tomorrow. Keep up the work - attack is the hardest part - and this time next week, you'll be pleased you kept at it. Go girls!!


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