First day need advice

Jay Simpson

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Hi guys,
its my first day on the Lipotrim full diet today. I've had both my shakes and I've had around 3 1/2 pints of water up to now and I'm really surprised at how I feel. I thought I would be incredibly hungry and feeling weak... However I've just had football, been working all day and been to the gym and I feel fine! not even hungry haha. I have just a few question I wish to ask some people who are currently on the diet and would appriciate there answers/advice :)

- When does it start becoming difficult (or does that depend on myself).

- How will I know when I'm in Ketosis?

- Is there a dangerous amount of water to consume? (can I over drink?)

- How do you guys mix your shakes?!?! (mine was absolutely disgusting and lumpy!)

I plan on doing the full diet for 2 weeks and then the maintenance diet for a further 2 weeks hoping to lose a total of 19lbs taking me to just under 13 stone! do you think its realistically achievable? I have football 3x a week, gym 3x a week and I do a circuit training on a Tuesday too.

Thanks :D
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I mix my shakes in a pyrex jug using ice cold water and a whisk. I use double the ammount of water as I prefer the texture like that.

Looking around the forums and websites you can sort of tell your in ketosis with either a sweet or metallic taste in your mouth, but the best way is to use the test sticks.

Lipotrim suggest between 3 and 4 litres of water a day - more than this can start to strip salts and sodiums from the body.


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I've only just started on this but I don't think it really matters how diluted the shakes are, just try to remember to take the extra water into account for your daily water intake.


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Well done on day one!!!

You should mix shakes with around 250ml water, you can get a shaker from chemist with a grid for the lumps.

It's recommended to watch your exercise during the first week or so as you could get quite faint.

Ketosis hits between 3-5 days but everyone is different. Main symptom is foul taste bad breath:(

Please any one feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!!

Look around forum for different ways to have your shakes!!!

Good luck & welcome x


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Jay I think that you may be a little optimistic on your weight loss but that depends upon how much weight you actually have to lose. Please also be careful that you don't overdo it on the exercise front as there is only just enough nutrition and calories available via LT to live, hardly enough to exercise too! It's usually manageable after the first couple of weeks but you may find that you're simply too tired to start with.

One thing that others omitted to mention about ketosis, the best thing is that your hunger actually disappears:D

Good luck!

Thornhill Cate

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Hi Jay, I've been doing this for two weeks now and at no point has it been difficult from a physical point of view, just the occasional mental wobble and testing social occasion to overcome. You've just got be strong - as long as you aren't having any physical discomfort, as you say yourself, it's down to you how difficult this diet is as it's mainly a mental thing because you're not hungry.

Best way to mix shakes is with an electric hand blender. Absolutely no lumps.

Good luck.


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Good luck to you jay, i think all ur questions have been answered, regarding the water i was drinking more than the recommended 4 litres a day and my pharmacist told me not to go over,,,& yes take it easy on yourself with the excercise, it was about the 7th day that i went into ketosis and i felt awful,, best of luck with the 19lbs, I would say you will get pretty close


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its dangerous to drink more than 4 litres a day, you can suffer water intoxication (Hyponatremia). Not trying to scare anyone :)