First day on Cambridge!


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Hi everyone. Went to my first meeting with a CDC last night. Like I said in an earlier post the CDC only does 'group meetings' in my area but I thought they were great. You can be weighed in private and the focus wasn't solely on you (I hate being the centre of attention!). Plus a few other people who were starting out that day had a few questions that I wouldnt've even thought of asking.

The only downside was after the weigh-in. I was weighed as 11.7 and since i'm only 5ft3 it gives me a BMI of 29. She then said that I would probably get down to 10st which is still considered overweight (why go through all this to still be overweight?) and when I told her that pre-pregnancy my comfortable weight was around 8/8.7 and I started to look a bit chunky at 9st she told me that I would never get down to that weight again now that i've had a baby:cry:.

Guess i'll just have to try even harder to prove her wrong!

Tried the chicken and mushroom soup this morning (lush!) and now i'm going to attempt a shake. Don't know why but they don't seem nearly as appealing as the soups to me.

Good luck everyone!:)
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Good luck on your CD start.

Strange, the CDC's comments.
I am 5ft 4" and started at 12st 13lbs ( shock horror )
10st 5lbs brings me back into healthy BMI for my height, so set my goal at 10st 4lbs.
In my 10th week, today i weigh 10st 4lbs, but have decided to go for 9st 10lbs and decide from there.
I have found the diet really easy, but not sure whether i could have done it without this forum.
I have joined a monthly challenge on this forum and enjoy reading everyones posts. Really great support throughout.


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Hi, I'm brand new too - I started this morning (I had a banana milkshake - which was lovely by the way).
I'm quite alot heavier than you my BMI is 33.8. You don't have much to lose, so you'll be there in no time at all.
I don't think it was right for your CDC to say because you had a baby you can never get down to a weight you were before.
If you are on the SS I think you can only do it until your BMI reaches 25 (I'm probably wrong, as I'm brand new to this).
But once you have reached your goal, I am sure you can get down to your preferred weight with other CD/diet programmes or with healthy food & exercise (as long as it's a healthy weight for your frame).

Use 10st as your target & then when you get there - you can set a new target. You only have 1.5 stone to lose so it won't be long till you reach that target.


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I think thats ridiculous for her to say that you on't reach your goal!! God, talk about encouragment!!
You WILL reach your goal, there's planty of ppl on here who have,
good luck babe,


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S: 12st13lb C: 9st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 23.3 Loss: 3st3lb(24.86%)
Since posting earlier, have wondered about the comments.
Maybe the CDC meant to say that you will not ever be the same shape as pre pregnancy.
I am definitely not the same shape at 10st 4lbs, as the time when i weighed this much, before having my two children.
Of course you can lose the weight and get to the same weight as pre children.


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Good luck Lisa and Blueeyes, just keep coming here for support and encouragement when you need it - everyone is fab and really friendly. Lisa, you'll be at target in no time on cd and I would take the comment with a pinch of salt and dont let it hinder you - am sure come of the CDC's on here will be able to advise you too.


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I'm lighter now than before I got pregnant - so there's proof. And i'm still losing... In fact my shape is also different - better I'd say.


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S: 12st2lb C: 12st2lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for your support everyone!
I don't think she meant the comments in a mean or disheartening way, more of a 'don't get your hopes up if you can't get down to that weight' way.

Today i've had a Chicken and Mushroom, Chocolate Orange and Oriental Chilli and I have to say that everyone has been gorgeous! I think the CD is actually nicer than the food I used to eat before!:)