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First Day Today!!!! Piccies


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Hello all!

I just got a girl at work to take some pictures of me, to motivate me! I'm gonna take some in my bikini tonight.

Have attached, I look PORKY!!

Have just booked holiday to Egypt in September too, can't wait, this is real motivation.

Lauren x x
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Me on the right! x
Good luck with day 1! I'm also starting today for the first time... be good to buddy up with someone starting at the same time!! It's my first time doing CD and I feel quite nervous?! Haven't had the first shake yet.. just black coffee and water... hanging on until 11 for the first shake, a choclate tetra.. hope it's nice!! x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thats what I had for breakfast and I forgot how nice they are!! I did CD before and lost loads.

Good luck - you will love it once the results start to show!!!!



Me on the right! x
Thanks! x
PS - how do you get your goals in your signature? I tried adding them but it won't let me as it has a limit on the amount of characters you can add... help!
I'm really looking forward to my first WI although it's on Friday so it'll only be a reflection of the last 4 days rather than a week but I'm hoping it'll spur me o to get me through my first weekend! :)

Hope you do well second time around... it must be motivating just knowing how well you did last time.
20 minuites to go unntil breakkie..... x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thats strange - just click on edit signature and you just type in the box!

Definately true about the weigh in - im gonna weigh myself tomorrow morning i might have lost 3lbs so far haha!


Me on the right! x
I get an error when I try saving it... will have to mail tech support! Thanks anyway.
I've just recently moved out and got a place with my man and I don't have any scales there and that's the way I'm keeping it. I get obsessed and weigh myself like 3 times a day so I'm going to try and resist buying them and just wait for my official WI.

Let me know how you get on! x


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Good luck with day 1 and loving the piccies - they are such great motivational tools aren't they?

Also in ref to the signature - you need to get posting. The more you post the more space you are allowed with your signature.

Take care
you need to have 20 posts to get an increased signature space, and 50 for the full amount of signature space

Good luck Lauren and Loveit-I get weighed tonight, ooooh scary!


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Hi there,

I started cd on sunday and if you haven't done it before, then I say just hang in there!!! It will be tough especially the first day, at least it was for me. It was worst in the evening but I went to bed early to forget all about being hungry.

It's day 3 today for me and the hunger feeling is starting to cave in.

Drink plenty of water and you'll be fine!!!!!!

Penny xoxo



Me on the right! x
Re. signature comments

Thanks for the advise... I'll just have to get posting so I can show you all of my goals! x
Half way through day 1 and it's going okay... even though the guy next to me is eating very nice smelling pasta!! xx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Thanks girls.....but I am overweight, at 12 stone 7 - I may pass for slim but I am so unhappy that I am a size 14/16 so thats why I'm doing it. If I was doing it because I cared what others think I would certainly be stuffing my face right now as thats what everyone says!

Its a compliment, but I really must lose weight.



Want to be a yummy mummy!
Nup - Im a wee 5'4! Maybe thats it then? That I carry it well...x x


has started again!!
I know that our ideal weight is all about what we feel happy with but I have to say - your before photos are ones I'd be pleased with as my after photos! :)

All the best with your losses

Me too!! I would love to be "porky" like you and not elephantine like me!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Well u all just watch what I look like when I lose the weight - then you'll see!!! x x x

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