First Day today!!!!!


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:D Well I thought i was going to have to wait another week but decided to go to another pharmacy that wasn't as far as i'd thought! So wooohoooo! Started Lipotrim this morning!

Has anyone else started today?

So far the shakes aren't as bad as i was anticipating. And here's to hoping my determination is still strong for the whole week.

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Good luck with the first week and if it gets tough just come on here and we will do our best to help you get through it!


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congratulations on getting started,i picked up my shakes today but i will not be starting until tomorrow weighin day will be mondays.
could not start today or i will run out of shakes.(only allowed 21/7 days)


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Hey there, congrats on starting today and good luck with it! I find the shakes and the chicken soup OK but the flapjacks are just atrocious in my opinion. Had to bring mine back to the pharmacist and swap them for choc shakes.

Good luck with week 1, tell us how you get on.


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Welcome aboard!

what shakes have you had so far?

Good luck!!


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I've not been very brave with them...I've tried the chocolate and strawberry! Although i'm daring to try the soup when i get in from work. Open mind....trying to keep an open mind lol.


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Welcome and good luck lots of people on here will always assist if you need help. Stick with it and the results for your 1st weigh day will be great.

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Welcome and good luck with your journey. Just to let you know the chicken soup is nice as are all the other flavours. xx
I only have the choc and strawbery at the mo .. I have tryed tohe soup a few times .. but couldnt stomach it .. but have got 2 more this week as I am dtermined to like it as I need some warm food !!! I have been told if you make it with 450 - 500ml of water and blend .. its nicer .. so gonna try it tomorrow
if you do try it and hate it .. just remeber in a few weeks your taste buds will have forgotten all that lovely food you have been eating so it may be nicer ... let us know how you get on .. I may try some later !!!


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Oh dear! The soup was nice when it was scorching hot but if it cooled down even slightly I didn't like it. But scorching hot it kindof tasted like mushroom cup'a'soup....not too bad. Maybe I'll grow to love it. Might try it with more water as i think it was the saltyness that put me off.

Well thats day one done and now all i have to do is avoid eating the hubby's beef burger out of his hand lol. Might go to bed early :D


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ha i liked the soup on the first day hate it now. best idea is early night by the end of this and all our early nights there will be no bags under our eyes lol! great job on getting through the day! x


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Hi Ros, i started today too..a restarter.
I have 6 and a half stones to lose which is a little daunting but if there is one diet that will make it possible it is this one xx Good luck, keep posting !!


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Hi Ros
Welcome and well done for getting started must be in the right frame of mind!

Look forward to hearing how you get on next week at your first weigh in!


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best of luck and welcome on the lt train !