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Hi Tubby,
Don't panic there are lots of other flavours to try. You could try mixing the packs. for example vanilla/raspberry. I normally add mint tea to my chocolate shake. The soups are good especially if you add tobasco sauce!!
Good luck hun.
Hang in there!!
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I don't like the vanilla much either, but try it with coffee as suggested, much better. Also the caramel with coffee is my fave.

I prefer the savoury ones to the sweet ones to be honest so there is nothing wrong in having all savoury if this suits you better. If it is really that bad - think of it as medicine and then drink lots of water to get it down!

After a few days your tastebuds will adjust and they do become much tastier and easier to drink.

Keep at it by day 3/4 you will be finding them yummy!!!

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I echo what's been said: can't really add any more but thought I'd just post to add my support and say we're with you all the way - stick with it ... things DO get easier as your taste buds adapt and you start 'finding your way around' the flavours.
1st day

Wow - I remember when I first tried raspberry shake, it was ok ish but not much flavour. I love vanilla now, cold in blender with plenty of ice! I also like it at work as latte ading couple of sppons of coffee. Caramel nice too, though I personally don't like the choc, nor the CD choc mint - but its all personal thing.
When I first had chicken soup I heaved :eek: - I love soups now I cook mushroom or chicken and have as crisps & I adore Thai Chilli as a soup! :D
And yes you do end up really, really enjoying them! :) :)
day 100 for me today and i have 3 raspberry shakes with ice cold water and a chicken soup every day ...with the odd bar when it's difficult at work !!

i heaved at the vanilla and never went back to it !
Thanks for your help!!!!!! just had the mushroom soup with heaps of black peper and wee bit salt it was nice so may just go on the savorys.....

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Tubby what a shame. I'm only on day 3 and am finding them much tastier now than I did on the first day. I must say the vanilla is still my favourite though. Clucks said she liked it with lots of ice. That's what I had yesterday and it was delicious! My first couple were the Thai chilli and Chocolate ones and I thought they were horrible. I don't mind them now. Keep at it and we'll get through it together.
Hi Slinkytobe,

I only had 3 packs yesterday could not face the fourth. at the moment I feel like I would rather starve I have not had one to day yet but will have the mushroom soup instead of a shake I just find the smell sickning! thats the off putting bit I cant even describe what it smells like its that hellish!

but at least I did not eat food how are you getting on on day 3? do you ever feel like you just want to give up? I seem to be having a yo yo thought system going on whether I can do this or can I bare being fat for the rest of my life feeling like a failure, is this comon or just me?.

Hope to here from you soon

Hang in there Tubby!

Stick with it - they do begin to taste better. Just try not to smell them. I must tell you that I am in day 4 now and feel like my head is out of the clouds (or smog!) that I have been living in and everything looks and feels completely clear. It may sound weird but it feels great. No more arguing with myself 24hrs a day about eating and what I'm eating - No more going to bed feeling sick or full - No more getting up and feeling groggy! Lots more energy too. I am only telling you this so that you know what is to come if you stick to it. Try and be encouraged it is worth it! Think how you would feel if you did it.The food packs do start to taste better. As your head starts to clear you will find other ways to eat them that taste better and suit you. I felt quite headachey and hungry yesterday but feel MUCH better today! I woke at 7 and didn't have my foodpack (rasberry with crushed ice) until 9.30am.Don't laugh I know it's only 9.30am and I am so positive. I've got to get through the day yet! Hopefully I'll keep feeling like this.


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You will find the drinks hard to drink at first but after a week you will get used to the taste....though you may find there is 1 you just will not be able to stomach......I cannot bear the vanilla, but my friend loves it.
I tried to down the caramel shake for lunch with Coffee but I just couldnt finnish it I am going to ask to swap all for Mushroom Soup as thats the only one that I seem to get down my neck with out renching.
god knows wondering if this is really for me I am not hungery though which is great.
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Can't say that I ever took to the shakes or the soups - the highlight of my day is my toffee bar (and let's face it, nobodt would choose to eat one if it wasn't part of this diet. I tend to think of the food packs as my 'thin medicine'. Eat what I'm told to eat, do what I'm told to do and at the end of it it's really not something that I ever want to go back to. Part of my motivation to stay slim is that I don't ever want to smell a shake or taste a soup again! It's worked so far - and I've only got three weeks to go now!

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