first day


New Member
well today i started to try and loose some weight by cutting down on all the rubbish i usually eat through out a day.
i have a major problem with snacking and its usually stuff like crisps, cakes etc etc so today i decided it all goes!!!
im not on a diet as such just eating my meals and no rubbishy stuff. if i wanna snack itll be fruit and my meals will now be better for me.

so today i had cereal for brekkie, a banana, a jacket potato with beans for lunch and for tea im having pasta :)

so far so good.

my life is hectic so im really hoping i can carry on like this. im a full time student at university studying for a psychology degree as well as being a lone parent to my 2 kids :rolleyes:

so im keeping my fingers crossed it will all go ok
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Hey there, I've just started trying to do the same as you too. I don't feel a really restricted diet can work for me so am trying to eat sensibly and exercise. Good luck!