First day!


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I am soo excited, I have started the day off with a black coffee. Not quite awake enough to drink water yet lol. I have my appointment at 1pm today and decided to get right on it from this morning instead of waiting for tomorrow.

So, my first shake will be at lunch time. I cut out the carbs yesterday and already I feel alot more alert this morning than yesterday. Lastnight I started my video diary, as i think any help is good help, it will give me more staying power.

Anyone else starting today?

YouTube - The Cambridge Diet
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Hi hun, and good luck for today - not that you will need it as you seem to be "in the zone" x


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Thankyou my lovelies :) xx

miss jelly tot

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Hi and welcome.
Anyone else starting today?
I started on Monday....again, but kept failing, so have taken them days as reducing my calories and carbs and my clothes already feel better. Here to day 1 SS+ and I mean it today! lol
I'm going to take a peek later at your video if thats ok, will be nice to see if we go through the same things:D


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Yup I am too, good luck to us both!! x


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Hope all goes well at your appointment well done for using today as your first day rather than the last binge.


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Good luck hun, just remember we are all here for you. x
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Me, I've had a porridge, water and 2 black coffees so far.


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Best of luck, I have been ever so miserable and grumpy to begin with but nows its day 5 and I feel so much better.

Most people here go into ketosis much quicker than me but whatever happens, just remember that the ketosis always kicks in and then it's so much easier.

Will watch your YouTube postings, I'm sure it will help you and others x


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Good luck with your cambridge journey Phoenix, fingers crossed the first few days go quickly for you! I'm starting tomorrow as I'm not sure what time my cdc is going to be here to deliver my stuff!