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First Day......


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It is my first day.... i had a choc shake in the morning. i had water in 1 hand and my shake in the other... it left a disgusting taste in my mouth that was still there 4 hours later, and no amount of water would get rid of it.... i need ways of preparing shakes to make them drinkable..... i also have a headache but had 2 paracetamol... so hopefully will calm down.... so far i was ok but over the past hour it seems really hard and i wana just eat !!!

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Come on hun you can do it! Dilute the shake a bit more and put sweetener tablets in it - that helps a lot. Also blend the shake with ice to make a smoothie - much nicer!

Headaches are cured by keeping your water intake up - 3-4 litres a day! This also keeps you fuller and less fuzzy!

Don't eat! It will get easier and when you have your first weigh in you'll be over the moon and see that it really does work.

Keep it up babe - we're all behind you! xx
I just down them and hope for the best. Brushing teeth and mouthwash helps.


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i hated the vinilla ones so i used to hold my nose and drink it then trey drinking a glass of water and after go and brush my teeth once your past day 3-4 you will be fine ..just dont eat anything(like i did so not worth it)best of luck
the first week is hard i used to dilute them more in the begining but now i only use 200mls of water and drink extra, they are easier to get down quick, stick with it as it is worth it !!!
You can try putting a spoon of instant coffee into the chocolate or vanilla shakes. Makes a latte type thing or a mocha. Not bad. Make it up with about 300ml ice cold water, add 2 sweetner tablets and some crushed ice. Not bad at all.
As the weeks go on, you may find that you don't mind the taste. I am in my week 4 now, and I really like the chocolate ones and strawberry.
Its working for me anyway, 20lbs lighter. I did like vanilla but I'm having a break from them for a while.
Hope that helps. It did for me.

Good luck with this first week and don't give up. After this week it gets easier.


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