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First day.

I've been 'poping the blue pill' since monday and have to say although i've not found the eating and choosing meals to difficult - the mood swings are a pain in the a**. However, it is nearly my TOTM [ to much info ....sorry]. Anyway, glad today has gone well. I'm also keeping a food diary - but i'm counting calories as well as fat. Good luck on your journey. x
id say start off lower to be honest , if you try and set goals too high and fail you will see yourself as a failure and it will make you less optimistic about the long term goals.. id say aim for no more then 2-3lbs a week anything more is a bonus xx
Spudsbit- it is my toth do I feel rather blah lol! I am also countin calories and fat. I'm also following the recomended amounts as my trouble was piling it on my plate. I am now eating off a small plate aswell.

Madchef- Thank you. I haven't yet took my mesurements so il do it tonight.

Piink- thanks. So if I aim for 3lbs and anything over that is a bouns. As I think if I fail on my first week it's not very motivating.
Take it in half stone chunks, then it doesn't seem so daunting. Think of it like climbing a mountain, if you look right up to the top you think you'll never make it so just look to the next ledge and you'll be at the top in no time. Bottom line, as Kiira says, is be realistic, each goal has got to be achievable or the first time you don't hit one you'll give up. Half a stone a month is easily done with a little motivation. Good luck!

5-7 pounds is a little unrealistic in my opinion. a healthy loss is 2lbs a week. each body is different and xenical affects us all differently so give it a while and put maximum effort in, your body will say the rest
Well done, Kirsty, that's great news. Remember this was your first week so don't be disillusioned if this doesn't happen every week. (If only!) But how fabulous for your first week, I bet it has really motivated you.



gunna be a fatty for ever
Well done hunny! Thats fab! What kind of things you eating? Are you doing any exercise?

Good luck for next week!

Love Kae

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