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first day :)

Hi Everone this is my first day on lipotrim, i had a vanilla shake for breakfast (not too keen on the taste but it was bearable, for lunch i had a soup, (was really dissapointed in it!) lol but im sure i will get used to it as the weeks go on! having a strawberry one for supper which i am looking forward to, Feeling not to bad apert from the obvious feeling hungry, managing to keep it at bay with the water though:)

I am going on Holiday mid October, so when should i start the refeeding? i have 4 and a half stone to loose.

have had loads of inspiration reading everyones posts on here! :)

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Jade239 - it gets a lot easier, believe me. You just have to remember why you're doing this in the first place, it keeps you going as well as this site, so many supportive people on here.
As for the vanilla shake and soup, I'm not a fan what so ever, I'm in love with the chocolate shake though, I add a few ice cubes to it, tastes rather yummmy!
If you keep drinking the water through out the day you shouldn't feel as hungry but as it's your first week it will be tough but you can get through it :)!
I've almost finished my 3rd week and by my 2nd weigh in I'd lost 15lbs.
Good luck :-D x
Thank you;) I have not long woke up and expected to be starving (like I normally am) but I feel nothing! Woo hoo! I thought the strawberry one was fine, after reading posts on here although I am not a coffee drinker I might add a wee bit to the vanilla shake to give it a bit of taste. I just can't stand the chicken soup tho! Lol I don't think I will be taking any if them next week. My weigh in is on Friday and I can't wait to see some results. How long before I go on holiday should I start the refeed? Thanks for all your advice;) x
Jujuberrry, - that's a fab weight loss, i have started at 14stone 12! She told
Me my ideal weight was 10 and a half, ( which I think might be a bit too small for me) but I won't know till I get nearer! Lol I have 9 weeks till I go in holiday, so need to fit the refeeding in there also. So anyone know when I should start this? Just so I can set some
Mini goals to keep me going;)

Thank u xx
Thank you very much :-D
I think it's to stop when you have a healthy BMI, if you feel comfortable being over 10 and you have a healthy BMI then you could just maintain.
I don't really know much about re-feeding, when you go for your first weigh in ask your pharmacist, she'll tell you all you need to know or look for the 'lipotrim re-feed forum' on here :) x
*it's best to stop


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I have 9 weeks till I go in holiday, so need to fit the refeeding in there also. So anyone know when I should start this?
hello hello.... in answer to your question you are supposed to do re feed for at least 7 days but you can do it for longer if you like, well done so far and good luck with the rest x