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I'm starting the Cambridge diet today. I'm currently 13st 2.5 lbs with a BMI of 32. I'm aiming for a goal weight of 8st 7lbs which is around a BMI of 21.

Currently trying to drink lots of water, but as drinking anything has alwasy been my downfall I know I'm going to struggle to remember. Any tips would be great!

Hi Essexmum :D
Good luck on day 1 know how are you feeling?
Im on day 5 on LighterLife and I know what you mean about the water I never hardly drink anything and Ive managed to get 4-5 litres of water in me each SSING day,its hard but tell yourself if you dont drink you wont have big lossesxx

It does get easier its just getting into a routeen!

Good luck on your journey and you'll be at goal v v soon ((hugs))


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Hi Essexmum

I'm an essex mum too, there seems to be a lot of Cambridge Dieters on the forum located in Essex. You have made a great decision to start the Cambridge programme 3 months ago my BMI was around 31/32 and it is now 25 and I feel fantastic.

There is a tip on the forum for remembering how much you have drunk with bottle and rubber bands. Personally I use a filofax on each day it has each hour written down for appointments. I am a stay home mum so when home I try to have at least 2 8oz glasses each hour until 3pm. I also drink green tea which you can count but I don't as the more you drink the more you lose and the better I feel. When not at home it is more difficult but I keep bottled water in the car. I do drink some water after 3 but only what I want. I like to get it done early in the day and then don't need to get up in the night. If you really struggle with the water you can also make the shakes much weaker and this extra water counts too. I make the shakes with I think about double the minimum.

Keep posting for any more help you need.

All the best

Dizzy x


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Hi essexmum,

Drinking water is key and give yourself time to work up to the level of water consumption you feel comfortable with. No one, I think can go right into it drinking 3 to 4 litres as I would think that would be very difficult.

You do have to drink a minimum of 4 pints of water in a day to replace the water you would normally be getting from the food you eat.

The first week is very tough so be gentle with yourself and break the weight you want to lose down into mini goals as these are more achieveable in the short term.

So as you achieve each of your mini goals reward yourself with something that is non a manicure, magazine, book, make up, etc., etc.

You could join the Bonfire Night Challenge over on the WeMITTS Forum to give you some motivation!

That is a nice short term goal and then you can join the Christmas Challenge which will take you up to Christmas the link is on my signature.

Love Mini xxx


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hi welcome, i use a straw to help me drink as you drink more with a straw i think, and i bought a two litre jug with a lid from tesco and i use that so i know that i need a minimum of two jugs, it also helps take the cold off the water as i cant drink it cold,


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Thanks to all tips on the water consumption.

So far I've drunk a litre bottle of water (it's a sports type bottle). I also had a large glass with my morning shake and topped up the shake a little bit too.

I'm going to make my soup upto a pint this evening, so that will give me some extra water as well. I shall also re-fill my sports bottle and try and finish it before I go to bed tonight.

So far first day has been ok although I started Uni today so have been running around campus (it's freshers week) and thats kept my mind off food, although now I'm home I'm starving and can;t wait to get the kids home and cook them dinner so that I can then sit down with my pint of soup (think I'll have the sweet chilli).

Wasn't overly impressed wit the tetra block (I had the chocolate one), it tasted of carboard, but I'll have to get used to them on the days I'm at Uni.

Still so far so good, and as my consultant told me I have indeed made friends with the toilets today LOL

BTW I live in Berkshire - essexmum is my online name (I used to live in Essex when I first 'discovered' internet forums


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Welcome to the boards EM :)

Good luck with your journey to the 'new you' ... you'll be there before you know it!

I'm also a 'fresher' - I started at Chichester University on Sept 18th (miles before anyone else! :rolleyes: )

What are you studying? I'm doing a major/minor in English and creative writing with heritage studies.

Keep us posted on how it's going.


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Oooh I think I know you essexmum from elsewhere.
Welcome and good luck. I am so proud of you taking the plunge and I am sure you will do wonderfully. Also you will be wanting the water as for the 1st few days it takes away the hunger and after that it gives you something to keep your mouth filled while you crave food.
Also the loo breaks mean more exercise.


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Oh Chichesters lovely Russian Doll :)

Hi EM,
It's hard to keep drinking it, especially because it inevitably means numerous trips to the loo, but I try to keep water with me at all times now, otherwise I just don't get through enough of it.

Hope you're feeling ok :)

Kitty x

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Good luck with the plan, well done for starting!!

My tip for drinking is try and keep a bottle in your hand until you've finished it!!!! I use a 75cl bottle which I pour water from a 2ltr bottle into so I can keep an eye on how much I'm drinking.