Total Solution First day!


S: 13st8lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 1st4lb(9.47%)

It was my first day today as well. How have you found it? did it go ok?



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Hey guys am planning to start this diet worried I will struggle with hunger though! Feeling determined though and sure we will do it!xx


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G: 8st9lb
Hey you guys :) how did you all get on yesterday? I have to say i felt great! Yes i was hungry but i just kept positive and i was in here a lot reading about other peoples losses and looked at the cambridge diet inspiration pictures i know its a diff diet but its basically the same but more expensive lol, feeling so positive today, i know i shouldn't but i weighed myself and ive lost 1.5lb woohoo :) its only been 1 day, hope your well xxx


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My first day today as my box arrived yesterday. Doing the Winter warmer one, with porridge, bars & carbonara.
I must say I didnt like the taste of the porridge but it did fill me up. I dont mind the bars & Ive yet to have the carbonara! I guess its just a case of willpower & keep thinking of the end result!
My head hurts a little but I am trying to drink plenty of water!
Good luck everyone!


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G: 8st9lb
Hopefully my winter box will come tomorrow until then im solely on the choc shakes which i actually quite like, taking one as we speak, lunch mmm lol x


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It will get easier very soon.
I lost 5 stone on LL a few years back. Maintained it for quite some time, but here I am again with 6 stone to lose. Looking forward to all the Minimum support and hearing all the success stories.
I started on Exante last Monday and have lost 10lbs already, and must say I am not missing the 'sessions' attached to LL at all, not to mention the cost.
I will say though, the weigh in was an incentive so I hope the Minimum support will be enough.
Good luck all and I look forward to sharing this journey