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First Day!

Firstly hello everyone!!

Today is my first ever day on lipotrim so thought I'd come and say hi! My husband is doing it too so we'll never need to go shopping! :) (must remember to feed the kids though haha!)

I was wondering what you do if you go on holiday?!! I'm off to tenerife in just over 6 weeks and I think I would find i super hard to have the shakes on holiday.....after all going out for meals etc is a main part of a holiday! But then I dont want to completely undo all what I will have done by then.

Is it ok to have a week off and not completely pig out obviously but have proper meals? Or because you're not used to proper eating do you pile loads more weight on than normal?

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on the up lol
heya and welcome
just refeed a week (i think) before ur holiday , and start LT again when u come bk :)
good luck to both of yas ;)


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Welcome hun! Nice to have ya here! Yep if you refeed the week before the hols and then try and do Atkins or low GI on hols. It should be fine but don't go overboard.

Good Luck!


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Hello Galaxy (Just the name makes me drool..*Chocolate :p) Welcome aboard and good luck sweetie..XX


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Hello, welcome and good luck.
I'd decide what you want to do about the holiday closer to the time, once you've been on here for a while you'll probably have a better idea of what options suit you x
Thanks everyone!! I will just concentrate on the next few weeks for now. In fact I just need to concentrate on today....I'm absolutely starving, my head is hurting, my mouth keeps watering everytime I see a food ad on the tv and I've got to go and make my sons tea in a minute.....I dont know how I'm going to get through it!!!!!!:(


is loving the soup?!
aww hon, it's so hard but it does end soon so keep going xxx


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Hi Galaxy, welcome to LT and Minimins :wavey:
You may want to read my post titled "Home from holiday and back on LT"
I chose to refeed and eat sensibly, it really worked for me.
LisaLisa chose to stay on LT. It depends how you feel about it.
Good luck to you whatever you choose. Let us know. xx
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Welcome and good luck.

It does get easier - honestly - I have to shop and cook for my OH and 3 children and it doesn't bother me now, in fact I'm grilling chicken pieces at the moment ready to make a curry for them for tomorrows tea and, nice though it smells, I'm actually looking forward to having my final shake instead!

If you do decide to eat on holiday then I'd go with what has already been said and stick with low cal, low (or no) carb food as it will do less damage and make it easier for you to get back on LT.

If you stick to LT 100% then you could easily be 2+ stone down for your hols, how good is that!!!!!

Take care.


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