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First Day

Hi Everybody, I don't know if i am posting to the correct place? This is my first day on Lipotrim. Had Vanilla shake for my breakfast and tasted better than i thought, choc for dinner can handle that! Its now i am finding it hard. I can't believe how much i am missing actually putting food into my mouth, is this just me or have others felt this way. I didn't think i would miss it so soon. I feel really determined to do this and hope after the first week it will get easier, please tell me it will?:confused:
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Here we go again!
Welcome Slimbee. Yes, you are on the right place. Congrats for starting LT, you will love it. Stick with it and the results will speak for themselves. Keep sipping water through the day (even though you feel like you are floating) and things will get easier. Only done 6 weeks myself but now it is normal not to be eating. Obviously we still miss food and things tempt us, but if you don't give in the weight will come off.

Get through week 1 and it will get much easier. Good luck!


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You are doing really well so far Slimbee, the first few days are always the hardest and then when you are in ketosis it gets much easier.

I am re-starting on Monday after a short break so I will be joining you soon. Good luck and keep thinking about your fabulous WI next week it will be so worth it. :):)
hi, try not to think about food and concentrate on the new slimmer you, its difficult but it does get easier. set yourself little goals. its true what they say, nothing tastes as good as slim feels. i am on week 3 and felt like you at the begining.

John F

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It will get easier, but the first week can be really really tough.
Many people try and fail.

All we can tell you is that it's not impossible, and that you have to really want it.

Think about how extreme this diet is. That's why it's only recommended for people starting with a BMI of over 30, or who have more than 3 stone to lose. This isn't a diet you can just start on your own.

It's a medical program. It has to be done under the supervision of a GP or pharmacist.

On the plus side, it does work, it is safe, and if you stick with the program to the letter, statistics have shown that 79% of people who complete the program do not put weight back on at the end of it.

Of the 21% who put weight on, the average amount was .9 of a BMI

So, it's not easy. But it works. And it'll work faster than any other program out there.

Is it for you? Maybe, and maybe not. Only you can tell.
Thanks everyone, it does make you feel determined when you speak with other slimmers. Did anyone else feel light headed at the end of the first day? I didn't think it would effect me so soon. I keep thinking about that first weigh in if though it feels a million miles away.

John F

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Yes, light headedness is normal.

Are you doing the program with a pharmacist or GP? In either case, they should have explained the symptoms to you before you started.
Hi doing it with the Pharmacist, to be honest they didn't give me that much information and just asked me if i had watched the video. I have learnt more on this website. I think some pharmacists are better than others.
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im only on my first week but i seem to have a selection of what people have been describing on here..ie feeling light headed, cramp, mouth tasting disgusting..but hey i dont care...as long as i lose the weight ill be happy. the chemist was very helpful and has used it herself which i thought was great and also encouraged me to phone her anytime i needed help.


Here we go again!
Harriet, sounds like you have a good chemist there. Take advantage of her experience if you have any questions or come on here cos there is a wealth of information available. Good luck.
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hiya and welcome

stick with it and it gets easier
I have bought a menthol mouth spray which says no sugar, does anyone know if this is OK on this diet. I asked the pharmacist and they said they weren't sure but thought it would be ok.


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Hi Slimbee,

Welcome to LT! I have only just started posting on here but have read many posts and there are some great people on here. Not sure about the mouth spray - sorry. I personally found the first week really tough and was in tears most nights as i didn't think i could do it and wanted to give up in a way as I was so miserable. I did feel light headed and still do if i space my drinks out too far apart or don't drink enough water. After the first week it does get much easier I promise. You do get used to not eating and I found that the support of my partner and coming on here has really helped me stick to this and get through the times I find it tough. I do sometimes crave certain foods but it is a lot easier now. I am on week 4 and i am so glad I started this diet as I can definetley see the results and lots of people have commented on my weight loss. Never lose focus on the reason you started this as you will get results fast if you stick to it 100% You can always talk to any of us at any time. You can do it! Good luck with the rest of your week and let us know how you are getting on. xx
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Welcome and good luck Slimbee.

There is one mouthspray you can use but I can't remember which one it is coz I used the listerine strips. I think it is the listerine mouthwash that doesn't have alcohol which is the only one you can use.

Keep supping the water - it does get easier - honestly!!!


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Welcome and goodluck with lipotrim.XX
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Welcome, go for it!! the first few days are a bit stranges yes, but that will soon pass. im on day 22 and feeling great, have the odd bad day , but soon get remotivated and positive. Positive Mental Attitude will see you through!!


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Sorry its late!! But hope your getting on ok :)
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Welcome, im on day 24 and finding it ok, first few days the worst after that its pretty much plain sailing, allthough have to admit have the odd up and down day, i tried to put myself in tricky testing positions in the rist few days to test my will power , and personally found it a great help!
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Hi, took me a few weeks to stop gagging but down them like a goodun now. Keep with it, yes it does get easier.


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Hi Slimbee, the start is a huge battle - but as soon as you hit the 2nd week you will find it so easy :) If you have a good loss the first week you will be encouraged to carry on - so good luck :)