First Dinner

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First week over and cooked hubby's dinner for the first time this evening duck breast and even gave him a glass of wine... It was ok I actually enjoyed it the smell is lovely... Hope this is not just because I lost 14lbs today and I stay on a high with enjoyed extra energy.. Heres to week two!!!

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Cooking is defo therapeutic ... Weird I know but it I cook more now than before ... We were takeaway fiends! And I always used the excuse working late home late blah blah so I'm starting a good routine!


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Awesome work on the will power!!! x


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i've been cooking for my bf from day 1 he only unlocks the kitchen to supervise me cooking for him, he thinks i'm eating through him because i'm stuffing him and watch him like a hawk as he eats every spoonful! but thats because he's under weight and i think its a good idea him putting on weight and me losing weight although its SO HARD he struggles with every mouthful, he's so dramatic holding his tummy and moaning as he tucks into the sexest meals ever!and its so embarrassing going shopping and buying high calorie food and people looking at me going ''God no wonder she's so fat!" even though i'm starving myself