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First ever food diary on here :)

Well I had a pretty awful weigh in this week, not a massive gain (only 1/2lb) but I had been obsessively on plan all week and went to the gym 4 times and did 2 Zumba classes.

So after nearly crying infront of everybody I thought I would actually post on here as I read it everyday!

Please point out anything I may be having that you think is wrong (ie, more syns or not a Healthy Extra) :)

I follow Extra Easy Plan


7am Snack Fresh Strawberries and Aldi Low fat Natural Yoghurt (according to website it is free)

Breakfast 1 Slice Brown Bread (HEB) with baked beans and scrambled egg (milk from 350ml Skimmed HEA)

Lunch Ham Salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion and sweetcorn

Snack Cadbury Fudge 25.5g (5.5 syns)
Snack 1 Scan bran with Turkey and 1tsp Wholegrain Mustard (1syn)

Dinner Chicken (pulled from a chicken leg, no skin), lettuce, beetroot, onion, fat free cottage cheese, baby potatoes mixed with fat free fromage frais
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Snack strawberries and blueberries with ff fromage frais (tesco light choices)

HEB Kelloggs fibre plus bar

Lunch Ham, chicken beetroot,lettuce,onion,carrot. Potato salad made with ff fromage frais and baby potatoes,

snack Weight Watchers salt and vinegar hoops (3 1/2 syns)
and fat free super noodles Thai Sweet chicken flavour
I think it has to be wholemeal to be counted as a healthy extra.

Brown is just unbleached white so does not have the fibre content to qualify as a hexb.

I am not familiar with EE, but just thought I would stick my nose in. Hopefully some EE experts will be along soon.

Good luck!
Hi, don't be too hard on yourself. A lot of us on here have slow weight losses/gains when not expected:sigh:
You will always find support on here:)

Yes, it has to be wholemeal bread.
You have to have 1/3 of your meal as free foods on extra easy, but I just try and include as much as possible as no idea if it's 1/3 or not;)
You don't seem to have many syns, there is an opinion that you should have your syns, but again I am no expert on this:p

Good luck, keep posting and you will get loads of support on here.

I try and aim for about 10 syns, have been doing SW since october but only just discovered this place :)

Fruit and ff yoghurt is becoming my staple snack now :)

Thanks for your support xx
Saturday cont..
Dinner quiche made with batchelors chick and mush pasta and sauce, last bit of skimmed milk from HEA and water and leeks, spring onions and ham. had with loads of beetroot, onion, lettuce and ff fromage frais

Pudding Cadburys Curly Wurly (6syns)

A good day I think ??

Breakfast 1/2 a fresh pineapple, kelloggs fibre plus bar (HEB)

Snack WW Salt and vinegar hoops (3 1/2 syns)

Lunch Leek, spring onion and bacon quiche (left over from last night)

Snack Youngs seafood sticks
Woo Lost 3lbs this week!!

Todays Diary


2 Quorn Sausages

2 Slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf soaked with 1 egg fryed in fry light with slimming world choc mousse from website (2syns)

Homemade Syn Free Houmous with Carrot Batons

Chicken with half a packet Morrisons Garlic and Mushroom Couscous

Strawberries and half a pineapple

Syn Free Quiche made with 2 leeks and smoked bacon with Beetroot and onion salad

Harvest Morn Cereal bar (3 Syns)
Well done, you are doing so well:D

Whole Red Grapefruit-first time I had one, yummy!
Oatso simple Original HEB with Skimmed milk from HEA

Slimming World Choc mousse, made with quark, ff fromage frais and a Cadburys highlights sachet (2.5 syns)

Morrisons eat smart chicken in red wine with garlic potatoes (7.5 syns) with bistro salad, beetroot, spring onions and ff fromage frais.

Homemade Houmous and carrot batons
Syn Free Leek and bacon Quiche
1/2 pack Ainsley couscous( morrocan medley) with chicken
homemade potato and beetroot salad

I am on nights so have a Curly Wurly on standby so i avoid the vending machines (6syns) if I eat it it will take me to 16 for the day! :(
Oh deary me it is far too long since I have been on here! I am making a complete restart, weigh in tomorrow morning and I am pretending its my first week again...massive shopping list done and meals planned! :D

Breakfast- Banana, scrambled egg, baked beans and bacon (no fat, grilled)

Lunch-Pasta with tomato sauce and salad (lettuce,cucumber,tomato,onion,pepper)

Snack-half a jacket potato with 28g cheese(hea)

Tea- 3 old recipe quorn sausages with new potato salad (made with fat free greek yoghurt and garlic with spring onion) and beetroot salad

Banana and a vanilla mullerlight
6 ryvita w/wheat crackerbreads (heb)

Supper- mushy peas and a bag of french fries (5syns)

Bfast- 2 old recipe quorn sausages and a banana

Lunch- syn free pasta quiche made with onion, leek and mushroom
ryvita crackerbreads x6 (heb) with 71g philli light(hea)

Snack- bag of french fries (5 syns) and a kellogs oatybar (3.5syns)

Tea- Super low fat noodles chicken and herb (free)

to be cont..
sat cont...

Chicken skewer made with chicken breast peppers, onions tomatos and courgette with couscous and a massive salad

strawberries and a tesco finest mini meringue 2.5 syns

6 ryvita wholegrain crackerbreads with 71g philli light

weetabix oaty bar 3.5syns


Leftover syn free pasta quiche made with leeks onions mushrooms

Packet of french fries 5 syns
Cadbury snack wafer 3 syns

Super low fat noodles chilli chicken free

need to get lots of superfree in for tea time going to have roast chicken and every veg i've got in the house :D

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