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First food diary

ok here goes day one -

Shredded Wheat, 2 Biscuits (45g), with 125ml Semi Skimmed Milk
Peach, Slices, Nature's Finest, SPC Nature's Finest 200g

Yoghurt, Raspberry, Low Fat, Bio Live, Rachel's Organic 300g

Asda, Be Good for You meal, Sweet Chilli Chicken meal 308g

Sainsburys Fruit pack
Sainsburys Melon Medley pack
Sainsburys Salted pretzels

Cals 1356.2
Fat 21g
Had abit of a starving hungry day today so had a few too many cals but kept the fat down - better than a chinese or pizza takeaway like everyone else at work lol

Shredded Wheat, 2 Biscuits (45g), with 125ml Semi Skimmed Milk
Peach, Slices, Nature's Finest, SPC Nature's Finest 110g

Lunch Mixed Vegetables, Green, Microwave, Aldi 300g
Yoghurt, Raspberry, Low Fat, Bio Live, Rachel's Organic 150g

Beef &, Black Bean, with Rice, Asda Be Gof to You Meal

Soup, Chicken, Moroccan Inspired, Sainsbury's

Sainsbury's Melon Medley x2

1 coffee
coke zero

Cals 1456.6
Fat 26.3g
It's a few years since I did nights but I used to cut my food down into about 6 small meals instead of 3. Then I spread these out so I had plenty to keep me going through the night as well as during the day.
more food diaries :)

Breakfast Skipped breakfast

Lunch Pasta Snack, Tomato 'n' Herb, Mug Shot

Dinner Homemade Chargrilled Chicken Burgers – 1.5 slices of low low, 2 Warburtons slices rolls, Hellmas light mayo 10g,Sainsburys Burger Relish 28g

Snacks Mange Tout about 80g, Sainsbury’s Mixed fruit Salad

coke zero

Cals 1106.5
Fat 20.6g

Breakfast Warburtons slices roll, dry fried egg

Lunch Soup, Tomato, Basil & Chilli, Microwave, Sainsbury's, Bread, Naan, Garlic & Coriander, Mini, Sharwood's x2

Dinner Burgers, Quarter Pounder, with Cheese, McDonald's – Ooopsy J

Supper Soup, Chicken, Moroccan Inspired, Sainsbury's

Snacks Weight Watchers Carrot cake slices x2, Sainsbury’s Mixed fruit Salad

Red Bull – Sugar free
coke zero

Cals 1201
Fat 35g
a few 'naughty' alternatives i've made up in the last few weeks. when my oh has been having takeaway's i've made yummy food that i can have which would be a much much better option

Pitta Bread Crisps
Take a pitta bread, slice open and separate the two halves. Lightly spray with Fry Light and season with a spice mix or salt.
Put onto an oven tray and bake until hard and slightly golden brown, break into bite sized pieces and enjoy!
Per Pitta (wholemeal)
Cal’s 142.2
F at 0.9g
Per Pitta (plain)
Cal’s 146.9
Fat 0.7g
100g extra light soft cheese
50g fat-free yogurt
Garlic and Herb
1 crushed garlic clove
handful of snipped chives
a little lemon juice
fresh ground pepper
Per Dip (made as above)
Cal’s 137.5
Fat 4.8g
Alternatively you could add some sweet chilli dipping sauce or other herbs and spices. If you want a dip that isn’t creamy then try a shop bought salsa.

a large handful of lettuce
2 tomato’s
100g Tikka chicken slices/pieces
pitta bread x2
Chop up your lettuce and tomato’s, toast your pitta’s and slice. If you like you can warm up your chicken in the oven or microwave, but remember it won’t take long. Place the ingredients into your pitta . yummy as a lunch/dinner or share as a snack.
Cal’s 472.7
Fat 5.3g
Sauces (to go with the above)
I use a little relish and mayo or yoghurt and mint dip so it’s not as dry.
I make the yoghurt and mint dip by using a few sprigs of fresh mint, some low fat natural yoghurt and a little bit of sweetener – to taste.

2-33 sponge fingers
1 serving hartleys strawberry sugar free jelly
2 medium strawberries
140g low fat custard
Low fat squirty cream
Make up the jelly as per instructions, leave to cool to room temperature. Chop up your strawberries into pieces, add sponge fingers and strawberries to the jelly and allow to set. Pour over your custard and add a tiny a squirt of low fat squirty cream.
Cal’s 209
Fat 4g
Obviously reducing the amount of custard will reduce the amount of calories you could try swapping the custard for a low fat vanilla yogurt. You can make this nicely with raspberrry jelly and raspberries too!

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