First Four weeks of lighterlife


Hi everyone. I am new to posting but thought I'd share my lighterlife experience. Having read all the comments of support and advice that is given.:eek:
I have just had my fourth weigh in and have lost 20.5 lbs. I have stuggled with my weight for years and probably tried every diet under the sun, taking some weight off and putting more back on.
After weighing in at 18stone and a half pound on my start week I went home and cried for about an hour, thinking how could I possibly lose 7 and a half stone!!! However I picked myself up and started the next morning on the lighterlife plan.Drinking all that water was difficult initially but got easier. I braced myself for withdrawel symptoms as I was a 2-3 litres a day diet coke junkie but I felt fine and still feel fine.:) The good weight losses are certainly an incentive to keep going and I am starting to see resullts in some of my clothes.
I feel that I can stick to the plan and my willpower seems to be keeping up. Good luck to everyone else on weight loss programs.Be back with more good news after next weigh in!!
Ps Could anyone tell me the recipe for crisps please?
Hiya Martine

Welcome welcome!

Ok crisps are at

Well done for the first stone and a half you have lost!! That is brill!!!

It is now just a matter of hanging in there and protecting ketosis and getting ready for being slim.

Hi Martine
Welcome to the boards and a huge well done for your fantastic results so far on LL.

I know it's daunting at first when you have a lot to lose (I needed to lose 12st - ouch!) but if you break your journey down into achievable chunks then it really doesn't seem so bad.

This is what I've done and have managed to come this far in small leaps and jumps. I've still got 3st 9lb to go but it's a whole lot better than where I was when I started.

That 7st will shrink away in no time: stick with us and we'll all walk the walk together!
Hi M
well done on your loss I have week 5 weigh-in tonight on LL,by my scales not great but last week I too had lost 20lbs.
Good luck for the rest of your journey
Congratulations on your first 4 weeks! I'm about 4 weeks in myself (in reality, it was 4 weeks yesterday, starting my 5th week today - but my WI has changed to Sundays).

I have another 5-6 stone to lose and sometimes it does seem a bit overwhelming - but we're going to get there!!
Glad to hear that you are doing so well on LL. I love it too, I have 9 stone to lose and over 2 gone now in 7 weeks. It makes such a difference losing fast doesn't it ? So motivating ! Keep on posting with how you're doing ! Melissa
Hi Martine

Congratulations on a fantastic weight loss to date and for getting throught the first 4 are doing really great, so just keep remembering how much slimmer you are going to be for Christmas!

Keep posting...I look forward to hearing how you get on....and enjoy your crisps!


Shadow x
well done martine you are doing a fab job!!

keep in touch with the good and the bad times hun


Gen xx
Hi Martine

Had to reply as when I had my weigh in for LL back in April I weighed 18st 7 - I too came home and cried with despair and frustration as to how I had let things get so out of hand that I had sooo much to lose. By the beginning of October I had lost 8 stone and have almost reached my goal weight of 10 stone now, all but 2 lbs. I NEVER thought I could be a slim person, having tried every diet under the sun, losing 3 stone then putting 4 stone back on, the same old story!:)

You have done brilliantly already with a stone and a half down in 4 weeks and sounds like you have a brilliant attitude to this crazy diet too - I really think your head has to be in the right place to start a VLCD. Good luck with the rest of your weight loss after your great start and keep us up to date with your losses.:D
That's a very encouraging post. I am determined to ss all the way. I started off thinking 100 days.. but now I realise that with 5-6 more stone to lose (I've already lost 2) I could be doing this through till March/April!! :eek: Which is a bit :( to be honest. On the other hand - it will be spring/summer 07 before I know it and HOW GREAT would it be to be really slim!
Hi all

Thought i would update with my weight loss. Lost 4Lbs last week taking me to 25 lbs. Weigh in tomorrow (14/11) and would love to have 3lbs off to make 2 stone in 6 weeks.
I went out with the girls on Saturday and wore a new dress in size 18(was 22).Felt great buying a smaller size. Had agreat time . Its so motivating when clothes get loose and the size label is smaller.
Cant wait till I pick up a size 12 and it fits.Anyway good luck to everyone
Martine xx
Feeling sorry for myself right now. Choked up, cold,headachy and miserable.
Trying to build up some positivity by reading diaries Lost 5lbs last week which makes 2 stone 2lbs. Week 7 weigh in tomorrow. Dont think I'll lose this week as haven't been 100% Will keep going anyway.

((((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))

Im sorry you are peed off today,just stick at it and you'll be fine,if youve not been well then your going to find it tough xx Just get weighed in and take next week as a new week and forget the blips! They are only Blips and they dont have to turn into major damage
Good luck Hun you'll be ok XXC:)
Thanks for the support. I know that I can get over this blip. Need to shake myself up a bit. xx

Im having a sh*t day too after satd night,but im sticking at it though finding it really hard at the mo...........

Fingers crossed for you and sending you positive vibes xxxxxxxxx:)
Its hard when you dont feel well hun, look after yourself, do LL have water flavourings that you can have warm with soluble asprin or something, Im afraid I dont know too much about it, but maybe have a warm bath as well if you can.

Keeping going is the key, forget last week, this is a new one x