First group...


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Tonight, myself and housemate have decided to go to our first group. We are going primarily to get the new info on EE, but if all goes well we may return in future weeks, rather than going it alone from home. Although we had a great first week, I can see myself easily losing motivation if I don't have the outside deadline of a WI.

If the group I went to last time is anything to go by I'm looking forward to meeting some lovely people and a caring and supportive consultant. Fingers crossed...
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Good luck hun, let us know how you get on xxx


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Good luck, if you feel you will be more motivated going to class and you can afford it, i say go with it x

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Good luck Hun and have a lovely time!



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thanks all, consultant is great. she is a trained chef so she provides all members with 2 SW friednly recipes every week. She has also approached takeaways and given them info about the plan in the hope that they will come up with SW friendly takeaways for us!!

We had one individual with a 9lb loss in group this week! Amazing. Most of it was centred around new year, new start etc...and she has said she will lead for a couple of weeks then hand the sessions over for the group which will be nice. There seems to be a really nice mix of people, older members and new ones, there was three of us tonight :D I look forward to going back for more motivation next week


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Glad you had a great experience Kirsty! Personally, I couldnt lose weight any other way. I love going to group and having an enjoyable morning out while learning how to get slimmer!!! Its definitely cheaper than the pub too!!!!!!! LOL!!!