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first hurdle approaching soon!!!!

Hi my friends wanted some advice.
On the 7th Dec I have a night out with my work and payed £60 back in Aug for dinner. I don't know what to do about it?

I am only in my first week of CD and to be honest I would like to have the dinner (choosing healthy options I promise!!) (No alcohol too!)
If it was one meal out of a week and I got straight back on it the next day what effects would it have on me due you reckon?
If I put on 1lb or 2lb then that I will except but was hoping I could sneak it into my belly without my glycogen and fat stores knowing!!!:D

Help please, advice very much appreciated as I need to get it into perspective before the night out. Merci x
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I think if you really must eat stick to chicken, above the ground veg and no sauce, no gravy, no potatoes or other carbs. Have a look in the book at what you can have on aamw and if you have to eat those things, it's only a meal there will be others to enjoy when you're skinny minny. xx
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I know it's a boring answer but if you can possibly avoid eating then I would, it is always more difficult to get back on track and there will be plenty of other times for a good night out in the future.



please try again
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is it possible to sell the place to someone else and get at least some of your money back?
would have been a good plan but I had to be events organiser this year and planned and booked the event. I have to be there to pay them on the night really. Its difficult really as I have not told a soul that I am on this diet as they would just critisise it and to be honest thats the last thing I need right now. Anyway I want them to notice my weight loss first so then I am proof it is infact fantastic!!!

Georgie when you say I may find it hard to get back on track do you mean with weight loss or temptation to start eating again?

Has anyone else had a meal outwith the diet? how has it affected there weight loss? x
I have my hubbys christmas do on thursday, 5 course dinner.
I am planning to have my 2 shakes in the day and then have the meal ( not all of the 5 courses though) lol
and then get back on track the next day. i have discussed this with my cdc and we have agreed its probably best idea for me.
It is harder mentally to get back on track after eating, my first add a meal week was a disaster lol.
I find if I write down my decisions its easier for me to get back on track, good luck whatever you decide.
( got another 5 do`s over next 2 weeks aaarrrggghghhh)


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Donna,

Ask yourself a few questions here...

Why do you really want to eat?
Do you need to eat?
Will it be worth it?
Why is this meal more special than any other one that might crop up between now + target?

Most people on here can agree that once you break it, it is so hard to get back on track again and then can lead to more slip ups in the future. Now I'm not saying your one of them so please don't think that! I think you just need to really evaluate the situation. When you started this diet you choose to be the one in control and to stick to it and loose the weight. CD is the easiest diet out there but it is an all or nothing one and you need to have the right frame of mind to do it :) Like all us crazy people on here! It would be such a shame for you to break it next week after sticking to it for a short amount of time and then struggle again. By all means babe you might be fine and it will be a tiny blip with no side affects and you will then sail through to target only you can decide!

N xxx
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OMG you can't not go! we still have to live a life!!!!!

I had a weekend away with my hubby and ate normally (subway, Hard Rock Cafe etc) for about 4 meals but got straight back on and still lost that week.

Make some sensible choices (NO ALCOHOL it's dangerous) but enjoy it and straight back to SS the next morning

Have a fab night

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Go for it enjoy yourself.. stick to meat! no carbs such as potatoes etc. (DEFO NO ALCOHOL). and get straight back on it the following day..

enjoy yourself!!
S: 11st1lb G: 9st3lb
Hi Donna

I had a chinese meal Friday night (no rice) and a Xmas lunch (no starter, no potatoes, no yorkshire pud) with xmas pud and brandy sauce on Saturday, Sunday I was out of ketosis, Monday (today) back in ketosis with no weight gain. don't worry, just enjoy!
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I had a break 2 years ago for Xmas and I can honestly say I found it 100 times harder to stick to it afterwards :( I won't be having anything for Xmas this year as I know it'll just ruin the diet.

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